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What’s the Deal with Multi Shield?

A look inside one of our most unique products.
They say it’s like a cloud. A tough, water proof, breathable, tear resistant, lightly adhesive cloud. Pictures really don’t do it justice. Multi Shield is a product you really need to feel to understand. For those of you who want to know now, allow me to answer the big question; What’s the deal with Multi Shield?
This product consists of 3 layers of materials. The top layer is a solid sheet of blue polyethylene (PE) which creates a water proof barrier. That top layer is also the most durable layer and it provides a significant amount of tear resistance on it’s own. Directly below that is a thick white layer of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. These fibers are what creates the fluffy cloud like quality of Multi Shield, and seeing that this layer amounts to a significant percentage of the 110mil total thickness of Multi Shield, this is also where the high level of impact resistance come into play. The bottom most layer is a very light layer of adhesion…very light. The adhesion on this product is rated at 6oz/in, which is less than a quarter of the adhesion of our Painter’s Grade Blue Tape. Why such a low level of adhesion? This adhesion is optimal for providing the right amount of slip resistance on any hard surface without the risk of transferring adhesion as well as eliminating the risk of damaging the surface all together. Surface Shields offers Multi Shield in two sizes. The small roll is 40”x54’ (MS4054) and the big roll is 40”x164’ (MS40164). Both of these rolls are incredibly light weight. The small roll covers nearly 180 square feet, and it weights about 6 pounds. The big roll covers over 540 square feet and weighs 18 pounds a roll. A two-year-old child literally weighs more than both of these rolls together, and Multi Shield is much more useful on a jobsite, but admittedly less cute.
Multi Shield is designed to protect just about any hard surfaces, from hardwood floors and tiles to granite countertops and everything in between. This product is most popular with painters, drywall installers, remodelers, and general construction. It is incredibly versatile and can be used on a multitude of applications. I guess that’s why it’s called Mutli Shield!


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