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Black Electrical Tape

General Purpose Electrical tape

General purpose, black electrical tape is the perfect solution for various electrical applications. Insulate or splice electrical wires and spiral wrap electrical wires and harnesses easily with this tape. 

This pressure-sensitive tape is made with a durable PVC backing and a strong rubber adhesive that provides a long term bond. Stretchy and conformable, this electrical insulation tape is easy to apply and stays in place.

Our black electrical tape has a tensile strength of 18 lbs/inch and withstands temperatures of 40 – 180° F.  This 7mil black adhesive tape is UL 510 Classified, with a dielectric strength of 600V. For more options, visit Surface Shields’ full line of products.

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General Purpose Electrical Tape-0


Available Colors Black
Recyclable Yes
Reusable No
Breathable No
Adhesive No
Liquid Resistant No
Flame Retardant No


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Is electric tape waterproof
Although stretchy, durable and made with PVC, Electrical tape is not waterproof.

What is the temperature range for electrical tape?
Electrical tape is best used within the range of 40 – 180° F.

What is electrical tape used for?
Electrical tape is ideal for wrapping, insulate or splice electrical wires.

How to apply electrical tape?

To apply electrical tape, start by cutting it to the desired length. Peel off the backing paper and apply it around the taped wire or insulation. Press out any air bubbles in the process and overlap each layer of tape slightly as you wrap it around a wire or other material. Make sure not to stretch the tape when applying it, and use the ends of the tape to secure a tight seal. Electrical tape can be used for various applications, from protecting wires and insulation to providing an electrical connection between two surfaces.

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