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Specialty Products

Enchance your Specialty Jobsite Protection.
If your project requires unique specialty surface protection, Surface Shields offers an extensive selection of products for protecting door jambs, windows, counters and more. Surface Shields is a trusted supplier of products for surface protection during construction, remodeling and floor installation. We offer specialty self-adhesive films you can use on the jobsite such as Marble Shield and Window Shield. Additionally, Surface Shields offers high-quality film applicators and tape seamers. To purchase specialty surface protection products in your area, contact us and we’ll help you find your nearest distributor.
Automotive Carpet Protection
Auto Shield is a fast, easy and effective way to protect a vehicle's carpeting from tracked in mud, oil, grease and moisture. This protective film comes in many different sizes.
Heavy-Duty Corner Protection
Corner protection for cabinets, counters, doors, furniture and more. Corner Shield's sealed edges ensure high impact resistance on the jobsite. Available with custom printing.
Door Jamb Protection
Entry Shield is a heavy-duty paperboard door jamb protector. Entry Shield is a great complement to Door Armor.
Temporary Countertop Protection Film
This marble protection film was developed with precise adhesion levels to ensures a clean removal and secure protection against chips or scratches.
Durable Film Dispenser
The ultimate tool for applying rolls of protective film. The Multi-applicator is designed with a simple push button loading feature that makes swapping out film rolls quick and easy.
Document Protection Holder
These clear, water resistant pouches will protect any floor plan or important document while you're on the jobsite. Plan Shield is easy to load with a zipper on the side of each pouch.
Temporary Stair Protection
Protect your stairs with Stair Shield™: A reusable, heavy-duty, yet lightweight stair protection product that protects every part of the stair including the tread, riser, and bullnose.
Adhesive Window Film
Protect windows and glass from stucco, residue, mortar stains, oversprays and more. This window film is easy to apply and remove.


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