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step n peel tacky mat

Step N Peel®


Reusable non-slip sticky adhesive mats grab dirt and debris from foot traffic on your jobsite, leaving floors clean and damage free. Designed with a polyethylene film, the Step N Peel plastic mats keep the mess out. These clean mats are ideal for a wide range of jobs and industries including construction, laboratory work, industrial, painting, remodeling and more.

Construction sticky mats include a heavy-duty reusable board that holds 30 or 60 tabbed sticky sheets. The sturdy platform is constructed of rigid polystyrene and non-skid frames are also available. Take it to another level by adding your logo. Explore Surface Shields full line of dust containment products.

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step n peel tacky mat


Available Colors White
Recyclable No
Reusable Yes
Material Type Plastic
Breathable No
Adhesive Yes
Liquid Resistant No
Flame Retardant No


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Step N Peel Sell Sheet


What are Step N Peel mats used for?
Sticky mats are great for entryways where you are entering and leaving a jobsite frequently. The light adhesive on the sheets grabs dirt from your shoes so you can keep your jobsite clean.

Are Step N Peel mats refillable?
Yes, you can buy refill packs that have 30 or 60 new tabbed sticky sheets.

Does the Step N Peel stick to the floor?
It has a non-slip backing, but does not have any adhesive on the back of the board.

How do I use Step N Peel?
Peel back edge of Step N Peel by the numbered removable tabs and tear off sheet. Repeat as necessary.

Handling and Storage
Store at room temperature. Do not store in extreme conditions over 95° F or below 40° F.

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