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Zip N Close® Poles

Construction dust containment poles

Surface Shields 20′ Zip N Close Poles are no longer available, but we recommend Trimaco’s 20′ Heavy-Duty E-Z Up Poles.

Construct temporary walls to control dust and temperature with the Surface Shields Zip N Close® Poles. Lock the poles into position quickly with the all-new, spring-tensioned foot for a sturdy containment setup. The quick clip locking head on the dust barrier pole ensures that screening will not slip and the heavy-gauge, steel poles are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions in your work area.

These recyclable and reusable dust containment poles work with plastic sheeting to create a temporary dust barrier system during construction, abatement and remodeling. Explore Surface Shields full line to dust containment products and accessories.

Let us find you a distributor or request a quote and we’ll provide pricing options right away. Surface Shields only sells through distribution.

construction dust containment poles


Available Colors Red
Recyclable Yes
Reusable Yes
Material Type Powder-Coated Steel
Breathable No
Adhesive No
Liquid Resistant Yes
Flame Retardant No


How do I create a dust barrier with Zip N Close Poles?
Unroll your poly sheeting and cut to size, leaving extra material on the top, bottom, and sides. Insert the plastic sheeting into the head cover and lock it in. Twist the pole counter-clockwise to loosen it and raise it to the ceiling. Twist the pole clockwise to tighten once in place. Make sure to place the plastic sheeting under the foot of the pole to hold it in place. If you’re using the 12′ or 20′ Zip N Close Poles, you can use the foot pedal to create tension on the pole. Pull the sheeting tight and repeat with additional poles every 8-10′ as needed. For a doorway into your dust containment system, use our Zip N Close Zippers.

How to contain drywall dust?

Drywall dust containment is an important step when performing construction or remodeling. It helps keep the area clean and prevents drywall dust from entering other home areas and causing potential health hazards. To contain drywall dust, use poly sheeting to cover walls, floors, windows, doors and attach to dust containment poles to create a dust barrier.

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