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Surface Shields® is a leading temporary surface protection manufacturer in a number of industries. Our jobsite protection products can be used on all types of surfaces, for a variety of jobsite types.

Explore some of the different industries we serve below. If you have any specific questions, please contact us


Construction sites are tough, but Surface Shields’ products are tougher. As a leader in the surface protection industry, Surface Shields provides a full line of protective products for any construction site. From remodeling and renovations to large scale commercial projects, our products are designed to outlast the rugged environments that construction sites present. From Builder Board™ and carpet film, to our speciality neoprene runners and corrugated plastic, our products have you and your surfaces covered.


No matter the flooring type, Surface Shields provides a wide range of products that protect against dents, scratches, spills, dust, and more. As the trends of flooring types shift from carpet to hardwoods, Surface Shields is consistently innovating new products that meet the industry’s demands. Multi Shield® and Neo Shield® are excellent slip resistant surface protection options. Explore our line of floor protectors for your next installation. 


The marine market consists of sub sectors including boat and ship manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Surface Shields provides solutions for this industry ranging from dust containment systems to FR rated and slip resistant surface protectors. No matter the size of the job or boat, Surface Shield products keep the mess contained.


Paint jobs are messy. That doesn’t mean your job site has to be. Save time and resources by protecting your surfaces from paint spills and overspray. Surface Shields offers a full line of protection products such as hard surface protectors, carpet film, and painter’s tape for any size job.


Disaster remediation and restoration crews are brought in after a disaster strikes. From hazardous chemical spills to floods and fires, these jobs typically consist of mitigation, inspections, remediations, and repairs. Surface Shields is proud to assist in these difficult times. From dust containment enclosures to surface protection and PPE, we’ve got you covered.


Keeping vehicles’ windows and carpets free from overspray or damage during paint and restoration projects is important. That’s why Surface Shields provides innovative self-adhesive film solutions like Window Shield™ and Auto Shield™ to protect vehicles while you work.


The proper curing of concrete is vital to a successful job. When concrete cures, it’s important to let vapors and moisture escape to avoid damage and cure lines. Surface Shields offers breathable surface protection including Builder Board for larger, commercial projects and Builder Board™ Project Edition for remodels and renovations. Breathe easy with Surface Shields’ breathable surface protection.


Surface Shields understands the importance of keeping medical facilities operating, even when construction or remodeling is underway. In order to keep research facilities, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and hospitals running smoothly, Surface Shields has developed solutions for dust containment and heavy duty surface protection as well as PPE products like shoe covers. We know how important the job is, and our job is to make sure it’s successful from start to finish.


Whether you’re packing up your own property or you’re a professional mover, there are tools you can use to make the moving process a smooth and uncomplicated one. Surface Shields offers products like Surface Sleds for both hardwood and carpet to move furniture with ease. Protect flooring while you move with products such as Builder Board™ or Carpet Shield®. Whether the move is big or small, Surface Shields has the products to fit your needs. 


Facilities, including schools, offices, sports, and convention centers, require updates and routine maintenance to keep them running efficiently. Surface Shields has a wide range of products for the facilities management industry including shoe covers and sticky mats, surface protection, and self adhesive protective film like Duct Cover Shield™. Surface Shields’ products can assist facility managers in keeping their facility clean and safe during maintenance.


Surface Shields offers a variety of surface protection products, no matter the job. From carpet and hard surface protection, to dust containment and window and stair protection, Surface Shields has you covered.


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