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Step N Peel Mat

Best uses for Step N Peel Clean Mats on the jobsite.
What Is a Step N Peel? The Step N Peel Clean Mat is a reusable sticky floor pad that’s commonly used on construction and contractor jobsites, home renovations, and real estate walkthroughs. It features a sturdy, reusable non-skid backing that holds it securely to various types of flooring including carpet, hardwood and laminate. The top is a layered polyethylene adhesive mat that catches dirt, dust and debris with every pass. Step N Peel comes in two different sizes. Standard being 25.5’’ x 31.5’’, and the new, larger size of 25.5’’ x 37.5’’. While it’s often placed horizontally in front of the entrances to jobsites, like a doormat, Step N Peel catches even more dirt when it’s laid vertically.

How Do you Refill It?

The durable baseboard can be refilled with adhesive tabbed sheets of 30 or 60. Take your refill pack and remove the liner on the back. To adhere the correct side of your refill to the base, make sure you can see the numbered tabs on the sticky sheets. Next, apply the refill to the Step N Peel base and smooth it down. Remove the protective top liner of the adhesive sheets and you’re ready to use. Peel off the numbered tabs as needed.

Why Use Step N Peel? Step N Peel will keep floors clean without causing damage by removing dust and dirt from footwear. Use it as a form of dust control outside of dust containment areas, or lay down a Step N Peel during moving day to keep your new floors looking great.

This product is also available for custom printing, so you can display your company logo, phone number, or address at any jobsite. Whether your use is personal or professional, Step N Peel is the assured floor protection every job needs.


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