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Product Highlight: Step N Peel Tacky Mat

What is a tacky mat? 

A tacky mat, also known as sticky mat or cleanroom mat, is a reusable floor mat with an adhesive layer that pulls dirt and other contaminants from shoes and equipment. Tacky mats play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness of various environments, including jobsites, cleanrooms, or anywhere there is heavy foot traffic.  

One such standout is the Step N Peel Mat. In this brief guide, we’ll delve into the world of clean mats, focusing on the Step N Peel, its applications, and how easy it is to keep it doing its job effectively.

step n peel tacky mat

A closer look at the Step N Peel 

The Step N Peel Clean Mat is a versatile, reusable sticky floor pad that has found its niche in construction and contractor jobsites, home renovations, and real estate walkthroughs. Its appeal lies in its combination of a sturdy, non-skid backing that secures it firmly to different flooring types, including carpet, hardwood, finished concrete, and laminate, and a top layer composed of polyethylene adhesive that snags dirt and debris with each step. 

There are two size options to choose from: the standard 25.5’’ x 31.5’’ version and the larger 25.5’’ x 37.5’’ size. Sticky mats are often used horizontally like a traditional doormat. However, if you set them up vertically, you can easily step twice before walking off the mat, ensuring that dirt is removed from both shoes.

How to refill your clean mat 

Keeping your Step N Peel Clean Mat in top form is a breeze. When you need a new sheet, simply pull and tear away the top layer. Once your original tacky mat is empty, you can easily refill it with adhesive tabbed sheets, available in packs of 30 or 60. Here’s how: 

  1. Grab your refill pack and peel off the liner from the back of the adhesive sheets. Take a moment to identify the numbered tabs on the sticky sheets to ensure you’re applying the correct side to your Step N Peel base. 
  2. Apply the refill to your clean mat’s base and smooth it down. 
  3. Remove the protective top liner from the adhesive sheets, and you’re all set. 

As you go along, peel off the numbered tabs as needed. The great thing about Step N Peel is that you can keep refilling the base over and over. 

detail photo of a Step N Peel mat.

Why choose Step N Peel clean mat? 

Wondering why you should opt for the Step N Peel? Here are some reasons a tacky mat can help you as a contractor, real estate agent, or professional mover: 

Effective Dust and Dirt Removal: Sticky mats efficiently remove dust and dirt from footwear, carts, and other equipment, keeping your floors clean and reducing the risk of damage. 

Dust Control: Perfect for keeping dust at bay outside of dust containment areas, it’s a valuable asset in construction, renovation and remediation projects. 

Move-In Ready: When it’s moving day, trust Step N Peel to safeguard your new floors and keep them looking their best. 

Co-Branding Option: Additionally, you can personalize this mat with our co-branding options, allowing you to showcase your company logo, phone number, or address at job sites. 

Protect your surfaces with Surface Shields 

Whether you’re a pro or simply need reliable floor protection for personal use, the Step N Peel Clean Mat has got you covered. It’s the practical choice that every job site can benefit from. For more jobsite protection options, browse the Surface Shields catalog and contact us today. 


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