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Carpet Mask® FR


Carpet Mask is an adhesive protective film that keeps carpets clean and damage free. Protect carpet from heavy foot traffic during construction and remodeling projects. Designed with a non-slip material, Carpet Mask is lightweight, easy to apply and clean up. It provides liquid and flame retardant floor protection.

Protective carpet film is strong and tear-resistant, and just as durable as our regular carpet protector film. Carpet Mask is flame retardant and UL certified, meeting safety standards ISO 5659 parts 2 and Annex 1.

This carpet protector can be used for up to 30 days, won’t leave any sticky residue, and is easy to remove. Carpet protector film comes in two different roll sizes and can be easily applied using our multi-film applicator. For more options, view Surface Shields’ entire line of carpet protection products.

  • Flame retardant surface protector
  • Protective carpet film provides 30 days of protection
  • Available in 2 sizes

Let us find you a distributor or request a quote and we’ll provide pricing options right away. Surface Shields only sells through distribution.

Carpet Mask FR-0


Available Colors Clear
Recyclable Yes
Reusable No
Material Type Plastic
Breathable No
Adhesive Yes
Liquid Resistant Yes
Flame Retardant Yes


For product specifications and SDS, contact us.

Carpet Mask FR Sell Sheet


How do I install Carpet Mask FR?
Peel back edge of Carpet Mask and begin to unroll. Press down edge at beginning of area to be covered so Carpet Mask adheres. Continue rolling onto carpet, applying pressure and smoothing down the film while doing so. Carefully cut end with a sharp edge. When finished, fold edge of the film back against the roll to use at a later time. To remove, roll up Carpet Mask and discard.

How long can Carpet Mask be used to protect carpets?
Carpet Mask provides carpet protection for up to 30 days. Exceeding this time period for all carpet protection films can result in an adhesive transfer or residue.

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