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a roll of brown ultrastik scrim tape



Ultrastik is a heavy-duty double-sided flooring tape that is scrim-reinforced and designed with a strong acrylic adhesive that bonds to most materials. This flooring tape is non-toxic and odor free and great for a variety of floor surfaces like wood flooring, vinyl tile, linoleum, laminate, rubber, and more. UltraStik saves you the time and mess of traditional liquid adhesives. It lays out fast and flat with an easy-to-remove liner.

Ultrastik double-sided flooring tape offers superior bonding power and is perfect for installing carpet as well as stair treads, flooring transitions, vinyl trim, baseboards, and cove base molding. This tape comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. For more related products, view Surface Shields’ full line of adhesive tapes.

Ultrastik rolls are now individually wrapped to improve quality while shipping.

Let us find you a distributor or request a quote and we’ll provide pricing options right away. Surface Shields only sells through distribution.

a roll of brown ultrastik scrim tape


Available Colors Clear
Recyclable No
Reusable No
Breathable No
Adhesive Yes
Liquid Resistant No
Flame Retardant No


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Ultrastik Sell Sheet


What is scrim tape used for?
Scrim tape should be used for permanent applications. Ultra Stick has a wide range of uses including industrial carpet installations, stair tread applications, trim and cove molding and floor transitions.

How to use scrim tape?
Scrim tape is an extremely tacky tape designed with an acrylic material, and reinforced with scrim reinforcement. To use, simply smooth onto surface, remove release paper and smooth bonding side into place. Ultra stick double-sided tape should only be used for permanent applications.

What tape sticks to carpet?

Double-sided scrim tape is specifically designed to bond two pieces of carpet together. It features a strong adhesive on both sides, allowing it to adhere to both surfaces without slipping or peeling off. This type of tape is ideal for joining edge seams and securing rugs in place.

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