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Stair Shield™

Temporary Stair Protection

Protect the stairs of your jobsite with Stair Shield™. This heavy-duty, yet lightweight temporary stair protection product protects every part of the stair including the stair tread, riser, and bullnose. Once taped to the surface of the stairs, Stair Shield protects from damage, water, paint, mud, and more. The stair protector is impact resistant and has a grip strip on the back which increases traction with the surface of the stairs. These features make this stair protection perfect for heavy foot traffic areas and offers ideal jobsite protection.

Stair Shield is a fluted-polypropylene, temporary stair protection product that is both reusable and recyclable. Comes with an adjustable tread that protects 10.25”, 11”, and 11.25” treads and is offered in 34” wide and 40” wide sizes. For more options and related products, view Surface Shields full line of surface protection products.

Let us find you a distributor or request a quote and we’ll provide pricing options right away. Surface Shields only sells through distribution.

Stair Protection Product Shot 1


Available Colors White
Recyclable Yes
Reusable Yes
Material Type Plastic
Breathable No
Adhesive No
Liquid Resistant Yes
Flame Retardant No


For product specifications and SDS, contact us.

Stair Shield Sell Sheet

Stair Shield Instruction Sheet


How to Install Temporary Stair Protector
Sweep or vacuum all debris from surfaces to be covered. Place Stair Shield™ on stair, using adjustable fold creases to ensure proper fit. Fold bullnose down. Tape edges of Stair Shield™ directly to stair; consult flooring manufacturer for recommended tape. Ensure product is adequately secured, not wet, and no visible debris is on the product; Test prior to use.

*Use caution when installing, securing, and using any temporary stair protection products to ensure user safety. Test product before every use. Ensure surface is not wet and is free of dust and debris.

What size stairs does Stair Shield fit?
Stair Shield is designed with an adjustable tread, fitting most stair common stair sizes. This surface protector fit 10.25”, 11”, and 11.25” treads and comes in both 34” wide and 40” wide options.

How to cover and protect stairs during construction?

When covering and protecting stairs during construction, it is important to use the right material. Stair Shield can protect the treads and risers from paint, dust, and other debris.  Adhesive mats can also be used in high-traffic areas to help trap dirt and grime. This will ensure that the stairs are well-protected during construction.

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