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How to Protect Stairs During Construction


Stairs are consistently exposed to high foot traffic, equipment, and materials during the building process, making them susceptible to both structural damage and aesthetic imperfections. Regardless of whether you are protecting carpeted or hardwood stairs, surface damage can quickly disrupt tight construction deadlines. 

Avoid costly repairs and potential safety risks by installing a surface protector for stairs on the job.  


When selecting the appropriate temporary stair protection, consider situations that could pose unnecessary hazards on the job site. 

  • Are the stairs in a high traffic area? 
  • What type of materials are being used on the job around the stairs including paint, stain, dust or just dirt. 
  • What is the duration of the job?  
  • Are the stairs hardwood, concrete or carpeted? 

Once you understand the surface you’ll be protecting, and the potential risks at stake, explore the options for stair protection. 

stair shield protecting surface STAIR SHIELD 

Stair Shield is exclusively designed for stair protection. This surface protector is made from heavy-duty (yet light weight) fluted polypropylene, making it easy to install. Stair Shield protects the stair tread (10.25”-11.25”), riser and bullnose from spills, dust and dirt.  

For added safety, Stair Shield features a grip strip which keeps it in place and a slip resistant strip on the stair tread to prevent slips.

Although reusable, Stair Shield can endure heavy impact and will last the duration of the job. 


During construction, carpet flooring can present slip hazards. In addition, spills, dirt, or dust on carpeted surfaces can be absorbed, making cleaning challenging and potentially leading to costly repairs, both in terms of time and money. 

Carpet protection film is a durable, quick option. Designed to last up to 30 days, Carpet Shield is resilient against punctures, tears and leaks, making it an ideal choice for a high traffic area. 

Carpet film can be easily applied by hand or quickly installed with the help of a film applicator 


Neo Shield is a reusable neoprene surface protector engineered to resist liquids, high impact drops, spills, and foot traffic. Its slipresistant backing keeps it in place without tape. Its flexible material rolls out flat, conforming to various surface types, making it a great option for stair protection.  

Neo shield on a stair case TIPS FOR APPLYING STAIR PROTECTION 

  1. Prep your stairs. Before applying any surface protection product – especially those that require tape or have an adhesive backing – make sure to clean the surface of any dirt or debris. This will ensure the adhesive sticks to your stair surface for the job.  
  2. Explore slip-resistant footwear. Most of our products are designed with safety in mind and provide some slip resistance, but you can increase your jobsite safety with a slip resistant construction bootie. These covers not only reduce tracking across the jobsite but also offer enhanced traction when navigating stairs.


Protecting stairs during construction can be challenging, but with the right construction stair protection products, you can reduce safety risks and prevent repairs and delays. Explore Surface Shield’s full catalog of surface protection products. 


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