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Plasti Shield Line | Reusable Surface Protection

Dust, debris, and heavy equipment can take a toll on even the most durable surfaces. But what if there was a way to protect your floors without generating tons of waste It’s time to ditch the disposables and protect your surfaces like a pro. 

Why Invest in Reusable Surface Protection During Construction? 

With reusable surface protection, you can save money, reduce waste, and shield your floors from hazards on the job. These heavy-duty protectors are typically designed for long-term use, ensuring prolonged defense for your surfaces on the job. 

Reusable surface protectors come in a variety of materials, usage time, and preferred surfaces they can protect.  

Surface Shields Plasti Shield | HeavyDuty Corrugated Plastic 

Plasti Shield is a heavyduty, reusable corrugated plastic sheet used to protect floors, walls, doors and more. Surface Shields currently offers 4 unique options of Plasti Shield to better fit the needs of the Pros. 

Plasti Shield: The Original.  

Designed as a Masonite alternative, these lightweight, 4 x 8 sheets provide temporary protection on the job. Plasti Shield is liquid resistant, impact resistant, dust free and easy to install. Although reusable, these plastic sheets can also be recycled after they are used.  


plasti shield installationPlasti Shield FR: Flame Retardant Protection 

Looking for the same reusable, dependable protection of Plasti Shield but with FR properties? Plasti Shield FR offers just that. This surface protector has been tested and certified to meet NFPA-701 Method 2 standards. It’s available in 4 x 8 sheets and is of course reusable.  

Plasti Shield Pro: Ultra Heavy Duty 

Looking for Plasti Shield with a little more umph? Plastic Shield Pro is 40% tougher than the original. Offering the same advantages, this variant provides extra defense against high impact drops, heavy foot traffic, jobsite vehicles, and heavy machinery. Given that Plasti Shield Pro is designed for durability, it’s obvious that it can be effortlessly reused. 

Plasti Shield Pro FR in usePlasti Shield Pro FR: Ultra Heavy-Duty FR Protection 

Similar to Plasti Shield FR, Plasti Shield Pro FR offers the same reliable protection as Plasti Shield Pro but has unique FR properties. These sheets are tested and certified to meet NFPA-701 Method 2 standards, making it great for use in hospitals, data centers and historical buildings.  

Reusable Floor Protection During Construction  

By investing in reusable surface protection, you can cut costs, minimize waste, and safeguard your floors from workplace hazards. Surface Shields offers a full line of Plasti Shield options to fit the needs of any pro. Looking for more reusable options? Be sure to explore our full catalog 



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