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3 Common Surface Protection Mistakes to Avoid

Surface Shields is a leading manufacturer in the construction industry for all things floor protection. Surface protection products prevent damage and keep the work environment clean and safe for the crew during projects.  

Surface Shields offers many products like carpet films, adhesive tapes, corrugated plastic, and neoprene runners. With so many choices and demands of the job, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and choose the wrong protective floor covering, or even install it incorrectly. We recommend avoiding these three commons (but big) mistakes.  

1. Using the Wrong Type of Surface Protection  

The surface protection industry continues to grow. Innovative products are continuously hitting the shelves. With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When choosing a product for your specific job, we recommend considering these factors:  

  • What type of surface are you protecting? Different types of surfaces require different types of protection. For example, does your surface need to continue curing? If so, you’ll want to choose a breathable paper option such as Surface Shields Builder Board 
  • What are you protecting it from? Think level of protection. Surface Shields has durable plastic floor protectors like Alpha Shield and Plasti Shield that can withstand heavy machinery and impacts. On the other hand, traditional builder’s paper is great for just light paint work and foot traffic.  
  • What is the duration of your job? Adhesive surface protectors such as carpet films can only be used for up to 30 days. Consider how long you will need floor protection and choose the right adhesive level to avoid damaging floors.  

2. Poor Surface Prep  

Don’t skimp on preparing your surface, prior to installing your floor covering. Before you begin, clean the floor to prevent scratches and enhance the floor protector’s effectiveness. This is especially important if the protector has adhesive qualities.

A man using a tape applicator to connect various protective surfaces. 3. Neglecting Proper Installation Tools

 Jobsite prep doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. With the right accessories and tools, we’ve made temporary floor covering during construction quick and easy.  

  • The Surface Shields Multi Applicator helps you save time and money. You can use it to apply surface protection film without kneeling or rolling out adhesive rolls. The steel film applicator simplifies the loading and unrolling process.  
  • When seaming together surface protection products, give your back a break with Surface Shields’ easy to use Seamer. You can use the standing tape applicator with a variety of tapes up to 4″ in diameter.  
  • Need to move your furniture before preparing for surface protection products? Surface Shields help move heavy pieces such as refrigerators, sofas, tables and more.  

    Right Protection. Better Results. 

    Surface protection is important to prevent damage and accidents during any job, but it must be applied correctly. Consideration of product types, proper preparation and application tools can all help prevent costly and timely mistakes. Explore Surface Shields full line of products. 


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