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The Benefits of Using Alpha Shield

Why is Alpha Shield corrugated plastic the best choice for floor protection?

Floor Protector

When it comes to protecting your floors and surfaces from heavy foot traffic, equipment, spills, mud, dirt, and debris during construction or renovation projects, choosing the right floor protection is crucial.

Preventing damage to floors, walls, and other surfaces before it happens means saving time and money at the end of your project. While we know that the pros have skill and experience, accidents can still happen. Damaged floors from heavy machinery, paint spills, dents, and scruffs in drywall, and finished walls – we’ve seen it all.

Being prepared for these possibilities can help you in the long run. Certain job sites, like data centers and healthcare facilities, also require certain materials to be used to maintain a clean and safe environment. Alpha Shield corrugated plastic sheets offer several benefits that make it an ideal choice for temporary floor protection.

How can corrugated plastic sheeting protect floors and surfaces from damage?

Our heavy-duty, water-resistant, polypropylene synthetic board, compared to other floor protection options, is unique because it is engineered with support pockets that can help spread heavy loads and impacts across a larger surface. This reduces the risk of damage to the surface beneath. Alpha Shield is lightweight, but because of the support engineered into the sheet, it is durable enough to withstand the toughest job site conditions.

In cases where regular floor protection is not enough, Alpha Shield offers an additional layer of support. It is not only impact resistant, but it is also liquid-resistant and lays flat without warping. On job sites where finished floors need to be kept in pristine condition, Alpha Shield also has a fabric backing that shields surfaces from scratches. *

Benefits of using Alpha Shield corrugated plastic sheets

Heavy Duty Floor Protection

As mentioned earlier, Alpha Shield can hold up to heavy machinery and foot traffic on a job site. You can use this rigid board as an alternative to masonite or plywood anywhere you’d use them for surface protection. The textured surface promotes grip and because it’s impact resistant, you can use this durable flooring protector at workstations where you are cutting lumber or metal.

Flame Retardant Floor Protection

Our corrugated plastic floor protection also comes in a flame retardant (FR) version and is tested and certified to meet NFPA 701 standards. This makes it perfect for job sites that require FR materials like data centers, laboratories, government buildings, ships, and more. Pair with our FR Seam Tape to seam boards together.

Versatile: Indoor and Outdoor Application

white alpha shield corrugated plastic sheeting protecting floors on a job site There are a few reasons that make Alpha Shield such a versatile choice of surface protection. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications, and it resists warping, even in direct sunlight. It’s also a lightweight alternative to masonite or plywood surface protection, making it much easier to use vertically on windows and walls, as well as countertops. You can protect an entire job site, inside and out, with just one product.

To install, first clean the surface to make sure it’s free of any debris that could cause scratches. Then lay Alpha Shield against the surface you’re protecting, and tape boards together with a heavy-duty tape. To secure the corrugated plastic to floors or walls, use an edge tape that won’t leave any sticky residue. We suggest testing all tapes in an inconspicuous place before use. 

Reusable Floor Protection

A great benefit of Alpha Shield heavy-duty plastic floor protection is that it’s reusable. When you’re done with the job, you can clean the plastic board off, load it up, and keep it for the next job. Instead of having to order more materials, you can save time and money in the long run.

Superior Durability and Peace of Mind

When you’re choosing floor protection, keep Alpha Shield top of mind. There’s a reason it’s the leader of the pack in the construction industry. From durability to versatility, Alpha Shield and Alpha Shield FR corrugated plastic sheets are the total package. If you looking to become a distributor or need to know where to buy Alpha Shieldcontact us today.

For more heavy-duty floor, stair, and wall protection, explore Surface Shields entire line of products.

*Alpha Shield non-FR with fabric backing is special order. Alpha Shield FR comes standard with fabric backing.


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