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Homeowners Guide: How to Prepare for a Move

Moving into a new home is both an exciting and stressful adventure. Regardless of whether you are moving down the street, out of state, or across the country, there are necessary steps every mover must take to ensure a smooth transition into your next home. We have compiled a list of tips to prepare you for the big move.


1. Create a packing to-do list

When you move it’s important to have a timeline in order to make sure you have enough time to get everything done before you move. This to-do list may include gathering important documents, cleaning your old home, having a garage sale, establishing a moving budget, or picking out a professional mover.


2. Decluttering and downsizing

Preparing for a move creates an excellent opportunity to go through everything (yes, everything) in your home. While you begin packing, try to separate and discard things that you no longer need or use. Donate furniture, clothing, dishes, and other household items to a local secondhand store or charity. Reducing the amount of furniture and boxes you must move will reduce labor, time, and moving costs.


3. Gather your packing supplies and essentials

Gather your packing materials before you start packing. Everything from moving boxes and packing tape to bubble wrap, moving blankets, and surface sleds. You can find most of these supplies at your local hardware store. In addition, we recommend labeling each box with the contents that are inside. This will make unloading and organizing your new home much easier and less overwhelming.


4. Prep your surfaces for heavy foot traffic

Whether you have decided to hire a professional moving company, or you will be moving items yourself, it’s a good idea to protect your floors and any other surfaces that may get scuffed or dinged along the way. Prevent scratches and costly repairs with these four surface protection products that are great for moving.

Step N Peel Sticky Mats

Movers are going to move in and out of your house, quickly. Reduce the amount of dirt and mud they track in with a construction sticky mat. These mats can be placed at the front of any entryway. The adhesive film grabs dirt and debris from foot traffic.

Once the mat has become dull and loses its tackiness, simply peel it back to reveal a new clean sheet underneath.

Neo Shield

Neo Shield is a heavyduty, neoprene surface protector that has incredible impact resistance. It’s great to throw over hardwood floors when moving heavy furniture that could potentially scratch or even dent your floors. In addition, this floor runner is slip resistant, making it safe to walk on.

Carpet Film

Although Sticky Mats will reduce tracking, dirt, and debris might get into your house during a move. Carpets are easily damaged by dirty shoes and are a pain to clean or replace. Protect your carpeted surfaces with a durable adhesive film. Carpet Shield can be applied by hand or with the help of a multifilm applicator.

Entry Shield

Lastly, protect your door jambs. This obscure surface can be easily damaged by moving large furniture and boxes. With the help of a durable Entry Shield, you will not only protect your doorway, but you will lower the risk of harming your furniture as well.

Get ready for moving day with Surface Shields

Moving to your new home does not have to be a headache. With the right preparation, moving supplies, and surface protectors, your transition into your new home can be a smooth one. Explore Surface Shields’ full line of surface protection products to prevent most moving disasters.


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