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Save time with our standing floor tape dispenser.

Efficiency matters on jobsites. No matter the task, your focus is to get the job done right and get it done on time. When your job involves temporary surface protection and, more specifically, seaming together surface protection board, stay efficient by using a standing floor tape dispenser 

What is a floor tape applicator? 

Tape Roller Seaming and anchoring floor protection are both important parts of protecting the surfaces beneath. Seam tape keeps out unwanted dirt and debris and prevents scratches and damage during your job. Anchoring the floor protection down with a lighter adhesive tape that won’t leave residue on the surface keeps the board from moving. No matter how you look at it, taping floor protection is necessary. 

Traditional taping can take a while, especially on large jobsites. Unroll the tape, apply, move a few feet, unroll, apply, repeat, over and over… A floor tape applicator is an upright tape dispenser that removes the need for taping on hands and knees. The dispenser’s design allows you to walk behind the applicator, effortlessly applying tape as you go, and reducing application time. 

Step Up Your Tape Game with the Builder Board Seamer 

To better serve our customers who trust and depend on our floor protection products, the Builder Board ™ Seamer was created. This standing tape dispenser is perfect for quickly seaming together sheets of surface protection, such as Builder Board, Alpha Shield, Plasti Shield, and more. 

Shield differences There are a few things that make this standing tape applicator the best of its kind:  

1. Builder Board Seamer is durable 

The tape seamer is engineered with an all-metal frame, a construction-grade plastic tape spindle, a durable rubber bottom roller, and a soft grip handle. The durable design makes this a long-lasting product, while only weighing about 10 pounds. 

2. Builder Board Seamer is easy to use 

While the name suggests you use it with Builder Board heavy-duty floor protection, the floor tape applicator fits any roll of tape with up to a 4” core, such as masking tape or heavy-duty tape. Simply slide the roll of tape onto the tape spindle, unwind the tape to get it started, and start seaming! 

3. Builder Board Seamer is convenient 

Gone are the days of taping temporary floor protection on hands and knees. At almost four feet tall, the convenient height of the seamer allows for easy, hands-free tape application, no matter the height of the user. The best part is the width; the seamer is designed to fit snuggly inside of a roll of Builder Board® for convenient transport. 

Ensure Jobsite Efficiency with Surface Shields 

When efficiency and time matter, trust Surface Shields to help you get the job done. Our standing floor tape applicator can help you save time on job prep. For more efficient jobsite protection products, visit our catalog. For information on the Builder Board Seamer and where to buy, contact us today. 


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