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The benefits of using Double-Sided Scrim Tape

Scrim tape gets its name merely from the pattern of reinforced scrim in the center of the tape. The strong acrylic adhesive offers superior bonding power in comparison to any duct tape, foil tape, electrical tape, paper tape, or polyethylene tape and, is non-toxic, solvent, and odor free. 

What makes this different from traditional kraft tape and sealants? The double-sided tape is designed with a stronger adhesive, is thicker and wider than traditional tapes, and features a pressure-sensitive, woven mesh self-adhesive scrim making it ideal for most flooring applications.

5 Benefits of Scrim Flooring Tape

  1. Strong & Long Lasting: Doublesided scrim tapes are designed with a strong acrylic material. The ultrasticky tape can hold down several types of materials. Unlike other double-sided tapes, the scrim is intended to be a permanent solution, so you know it is not going to budge.
  2. Provides Stability: Reinforced tape provides peace of mind when installed due to its ultrastick qualities. When applied to keep carpets tiles, stair treads, or other surfaces that encounter foot traffic, the tape provides dependable stability.
  3. Cost Effective: Reduce the hassle and costs associated with liquid adhesives with scrim tape. It is a cost-effective way to install and repair baseboards, flooring tiles, stair treads trim, and molding.
  4. Easy to Apply: Designed with a release paper for easy of application, scrim tape is quick and easy to install. As an added bonus, scrim tape can be used with Surface Shields’ Builder Board Seamer cutting application time in half.
  5. Versatile: As mentioned above, Scrim Tape can be used to permanently secure various types of floor surfaces including carpets, flooring transitions, molding, trim, baseboard, and stair treads. The options are endless, but just make sure you’re using the tape for permanent applications.

How to Use Scrim Tape

Although extremely sticky, scrim tape is surprisingly easy to use and install. To apply, simply unroll the double-sided tape slowly and apply it to your desired surfaces. Press into place to secure. Next, remove the release paper and install your floor surface (carpet tile, stair tread, etc.), and press it into place. 

If you have a large application area, we recommend using Surface Shields’ Builder Board Seamer. This tape dispenser seamer holds tapes with a roll diameter of up to 4 inches and reduces application time dramatically.

Ultra Stick from Surface Shields

Surface Shields offers a full line of double-sided scrim tape options. Ultrastik is available in sizes as small as 1-inch up to 9-inches to meet any flooring application need. Explore our full line of products, including a wide range of adhesive tape options.


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