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How To Protect A Home During A Remodel

While the purpose of a home remodel is to change certain elements, there may be some parts of the home that you do not want to touch. When damage does happen during a remodel, the construction crew for the remodel can be held liable by the homeowners. Simply using surface protection throughout the job can help prevent this kind of trouble.


While your construction company may be hired to re-glaze the tub or re-tile the shower, you’ll want to be sure that the crew doesn’t accidentally damage the floors or any other surface of the space. To prevent unintended damage, use water-resistant paperboard floor protection, and to protect walls, lightweight corrugated plastic works great.


Kitchen remodels are a major investment for homeowners, so any remodel of that space or space surrounding it should leave the kitchen absolutely perfect. If your crew is leaving a kitchen’s countertops as they are, be sure to lay down surface protection. In any construction project, every available flat surface becomes a storage shelf or workbench. While it may be difficult to demand that the crew not use countertops as worktables, you can protect them when it inevitably happens.


A focal point of any large living room will be the floor. No matter if it is carpeted, tiled, or made of hardwood, you will need construction floor protection to prevent any damage to it. Crew members will be walking in and out of the room constantly during a remodel, tracking in a variety of dirt and debris. Construction floor protection will also prevent nicks and scratches if crew members drop tools or materials on the floor during the process. According to a 2016 Construction Outlook report from Dodge Data and Analytics, the value of construction starts are estimated to reach $712 billion. Ensure that your construction company sees the industry’s monetary gains and makes a profit by not having to worry about compensating homeowners for damages during renovations. Use effective protection materials, such as construction floor protection, and you won’t have to worry about potential compensation again.


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