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How To Protect A Home During A Remodel

The purpose of a home remodel is to change certain elements. From simple paint jobs to large scale kitchen renos, no matter the scale home renovations take a lot of work.  As a professional home remodeling contractor, some things need to go untouched. When damage does happen during a job, the construction crew for the remodel can be held liable by the homeowners.  

Damage and costly repairs can be minimized or altogether avoided by using surface protection products throughout the jobsite. 


One of the most expensive pieces in the bathroom includes the tub and/or shower. These areas are traditionally made from tile or delicate porcelain that is easy to chip or scratch. We recommend using a surface protector that has some impact resistance to prevent unintentional damage, such as the Surface Shields’ Multi Shield.  

Another space that is prone to damage are the sinks and countertops. These spaces sometimes act as a catch all, collecting tools, paint buckets, brushes and more. Protect these surfaces with an adhesive film that reduces the risk of scratches and stains. 


countertop film

Kitchen remodels are a major investment for homeowners. Therefore, any remodel of the kitchen or surrounding space must be perfect.  

Your crew should lay down a surface protector if they are leaving kitchen countertops as-is. This will ensure the countertops are protected from damage. We recommend an adhesive film or a heavy duty kraft paper. 

Reduce the risk of harming your floors, regardless of their type – hardwood, tile, or vinyl. We recommend installing a heavy-duty board product for protection. Builder Board provides leak resistance, impact resistance, and is breathable, so floors can continue to cure while you work. 


Stairs are a common place for disaster. This high traffic area is prone to damage from mud, paint, and scratches. Surface Shields’ Stair Shield is easy to install and provides impact and leak resistance.  


A focal point of any large living room is the floor. No matter if it is carpeted, tiled, or made of hardwood, it is critical to prevent any damage to it. For hard surfaces, install a heavy-duty board product. For carpet, utilize a carpet protection film to avoid stains and dust damage.  

If you plan on leaving furniture in place during your remodel, don’t forget to protect your belongings! Drape a drop cloth over sofas, side tables, and bookshelves. Dust and dirt may settle on these surfaces, but that can be prevented with a simple drop cloth of piece of plastic sheeting.  


Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be a headache. With the use of various surface protection products, your floors, countertops, and bathtubs will be unscathed. Explore Surface Shields’ full line of products today. 


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