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Is Ultrastik Scrim Tape Really Ultra Sticky?

Are you looking for a scrim tape with extra adhesive strength for your trim or carpet installation? Look no further than Ultrastik! With its high-tack adhesive and peel away liner, Ultrastik is a multi-purpose scrim tape used for a multitude of installation purposes. 

What is Ultrastik Scrim Tape?

Ultrastik scrim tape for cove base molding

Ultrastik is an acrylic adhesive tape engineered with scrim reinforcement. This tape offers a strong bond between surfaces without the hassle of liquid adhesives. 

Unlike other high-tack transfer tapes or double-sided tapes, Ultrastik is meant for permanent applications. The paper backing removes easily to expose the adhesive and, once applied to a surface, the tape creates a lasting bond with almost any material. With its wide range of sizes (from 1” to 9.5”), this scrim tape is versatile for whatever your job demands.  

Why is this nontoxic, odor-free scrim tape the ideal choice for residential or commercial contractors and carpet professionals? Aside from the fact that it is easy to use and lays out flat (reducing installation time) it can also be used for a number of different applications. 

What is Scrim Tape Used For?

Ultra Stik underlayment for carpet

The uses for Ultrastik scrim tape are numerous, and we constantly hear about more innovative ways that this tape is being used. Here are a few of the common uses for this high tack double sided tape.

  • Industrial Carpet – Used as a floor tape, Ultrastik is ideal for installing carpet squares in an office or commercial building. Repairing damaged areas of carpet and replacing them is quick and simple. Cut the tape to size, adhere it to the floor and remove the backing. Place the carpet square down and press firmly. It’s that easy.
  • Stair Tread – Install rubber stair treads in less time and with less mess. Simply apply the scrim tape to the application area and adhere the stair tread, pressing firmly. Ultrastik is strong enough to hold the tread in place.
  • Scrim tape Trim and molding – Ultrastik can also be used to install vinyl or wooden trim, baseboard, and chair rails. You can easily nail the wooden trim for added hold after it’s adhered securely with the tape. 
  • Cove Base Molding – Vinyl or rubber cove base (wall base) molding is often used in office settings and other commercial buildings. With Ultrastik, installation time is reduced and you can avoid the mess from liquid adhesives.
  • Floor Transitions – Install floor transitions quickly and easily. This flooring tape is strong enough to hold transition strips in place.

*As always, we recommend always testing before use. Scrim tape should be stored at room temperature.

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