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Which Temporary Flooring Protection Paper is best?

What is flooring paper for?

Flooring protection paper rolls can be used for a wide range of applications. There’s no right or wrong way to use these products, however, at Surface Shields, flooring protection paper is a staple in the surface protection industry. Flooring paper provides temporary surface protection for hard surfaces, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, and carpet, during construction jobs, paint applications, and remodeling projects. It can be rolled out and taped down quickly to protect all types of flooring from foot traffic, scratches, dust, dirt, and spills.

Where is flooring protection paper used?

Although primarily used to protect floors, flooring paper can be used on other surfaces during construction projects for total job site protection. Surface protection paper is great for covering countertops, bathtubs, windows, and even stairs. No matter the surface type, flooring paper can provide construction floor protection.

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What to put on floors to protect during home improvement construction?

Not all flooring papers are created equal. Although similar, there are different options that have specific applications and should be used accordingly.

1. Red Rosin Paper

The tried and true option. Red rosin paper has been in the construction and paint industry for decades. Rosin paper is a great surface protection paper and can be used on all types of surfaces to protect from minor spills and light foot traffic. In addition, Red Rosin paper can be used as a moisture barrier for flooring and roofing projects.

Made from 100% recycled materials, red rosin paper does contain dye. Use caution on light-colored and delicate surfaces. Bleeding of color may occur when wet, so we recommend testing before use.

2. Builder’s Paper

Another staple in the construction and painting industry, Builder’s Paper is a step above Red Rosin, making it a great alternative. Brown kraft construction paper protects floors, stairs, cabinets, countertops, and more. Made from 100% recycled materials, Surface Shields’ Kraft Paper is an economical surface protector that can withstand foot traffic and light paint spills.

3. Kraft Reinforced Paper

The most durable and heavy-duty option. Reinforced kraft paper is twice as thick as builder’s paper and is designed with nylon scrim reinforcement making it durable enough for heavy foot traffic. In addition, Surface Shields’ Water Shield is water resistant, reducing the time spent replacing floor paper when spills happen. Tear-resistant flooring paper is great for protecting hardwoods, marble surfaces, travertine, and ceramic tile.

Total floor protection from Surface Shields

Surface protection paper is a must for any construction, painting, or remodeling project. Depending on the needs of your job and the work you’ll be doing on your surface will determine which paper is best. Still, need help deciding? Explore Surface Shields’ full catalog.

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