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The simple solution to ensure a flat board.

The nature of the beast is that paper board rolls develop a memory, and that memory can make it difficult to anchor the board down with tape. The Bend Back Method is an easy way to reverse that memory. It consists of two steps that require no tools and ensures a flat install of paper board floor protection.

Step 1: You’ll want to grab the end of the roll and step back about 3 logos. Hold the board straight up with a hand on each side. Reverse roll the board away from you; until it comes in contact with itself. Then slide the cut end of the board up against the back of the board until it is returns to the vertical position.

Step 2: Place your foot directly in the center of the board. Yank the board upwards. You’ll see some tension lines running through the board between your foot and your hands. This tension will help break the vertical memory, and it is important that your foot creates a single pressure point to help form strong and defined tension lines. Drop the board, and it should lay flat on the floor. It is important that your floor protection lays flat to avoid tripping hazards and make it easy to tape down.


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