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There is an app…licator for that.

A look at the Multi Applicator by Surface Shields

Applying and setting up your surface protection is probably the easiest part of your job, as it should be. Everything comes in nice compact rolls, and the only tool you’ll need is a knife. As easy as it is, it can still be time consuming, especially on large jobsites with seemingly endless surfaces. As we all know, on a jobsite, time costs money. The more time you spend protecting your surfaces, the less you have on your project.


Carpet Shield is a very easy to use product. Many of the rolls that Surface Shields offers are reverse wound (tacky side out), which allows you to place the roll on the ground and kick it out, rather than unrolling with your hands. Again, this is very easy, but with a 50,000 square foot convention center or a 500-foot-long hotel hallway, this simple task of kick, walk, kick, walk, kick, etc. can be a bigger job then you’d expect.

The Multi Applicator is an adjustable film applicator that eliminates the “kick” portion of the “kick-walk” method. It comes in two different sizes, and it is the fastest way to install both carpet protection film and hard surface protection film in large areas. It works with both reverse wound and regular wound, and it breaks down into a few small pieces for easy transportation. All you need to do is load the roll up, spool the film under the roll bar, and start walking. It is especially useful with the larger rolls of Carpet Shield. The 36” x 1000’ reverse wound roll weighs about 45 pounds; at that weight and size you might as well be wrestling with a very sticky uncooperative basset hound. With the Multi Applicator it’ll feel like you taught that old dog a new trick.

As mentioned earlier, the Multi Applicator comes in two sizes. The “3 in 1” (A2436), and the “4 in 1” (A3660). The “3 in 1” features a one handle design and can fit 24in, 30in and 36in rolls, while the “4 in 1” features a double handle design and can fit 36in, 42in, 48in, and 60in rolls. Both have an industrial steel frame with a cherry red finished. All the pieces snap together with simple yet durable push button spring locks, so no tools are required.

The Multi Applicator is just another reason that there is no excuse not to protect the surfaces on your jobsite. It saves money, time, and avoids headaches…well, some headaches.


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