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How to Install Surface Protection Film

A look at the Multi Applicator by Surface Shields

What is Surface Protective Film?

Need a short term, temporary surface protection product? Surface protection film might be the right product for your job. Plastic protective films provide leak and tear resistant protection from paint spills, heavy foot traffic, scratches, dust and dirt. Plus, they are quick and easy to install.

There is a Film Applicator for that.

Applying and installing your surface protection should be one of the easiest parts of your job. Most products come in compact rolls, and the only tool you really need is a utility knife. As easy as it is, it can still be time consuming, especially on large jobsites with seemingly endless surfaces. As we all know, time is money on a jobsite. The more time you spend protecting your surfaces, the less time you have on your project.

Carpet Shield is an easy to use product. Although installation can be done by hand, with the use of Surface Shields’ Multi Surface Film Applicator, your installation time can be drastically cut.

How to install temporary surface protection film

Step One: Assemble your applicator

If you haven’t already done so, first assemble your film applicator. To do so, use the pin lock system to assemble the handle, then attach the handle to the base.Depending on your roll size, adjust the width of the base. Surface Shields’ offers two applicator sizes. The smaller applicator fits 24”, 30” and 36” rolls, while the larger option can fit rolls ranging from sizes 36”, 42” 48” and 60”.

Different parts of a surface protective film applicator.

Step Two: Load your film

Once your applicator is assembled, load your film. Surface Shields’ film applicator can be used with Carpet Shield for carpeted surfaces or our Multi Surface Film for laminate, tile marble, vinyl and factory finished hardwood floors. To install, simply remove the base pole, snap the rolls on the wheels and re-attach the base pole. Our flooring film applicator works with both reverse wound and regular wound surface films.

Step Three: Roll & Protect

Once your applicator is set up, it’s time to cover those floors. Simply roll the surface film out by pushing the applicator forward. Once you reach the end of the area you need protecting, use a utility knife to cut the film. Repeat until your entire surface is covered. We recommend not leaving our surface protection films down for more than 30 days. Do not apply carpet film to newly laid carpets or wet carpets. For easy transportation, simply break your applicator back down into a few small pieces and store until your next job!

Shield Your Surfaces

The Multi Applicator is just another reason that there is no excuse not to protect the surfaces on your jobsite. It saves money, time and headaches. Explore Surface Shields’ full line of surface protection products for total jobsite protection.


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