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Carpet Protectors…Do They Really Work?

Here’s what you need to know about carpet protection.

Whether you’re a contractor tasked with building homes and offices or a DIYer looking to complete a remodel on your own, the worst thing that could happen during your project is damage to a surface. That’s why Surface Shields continues to pave the way with innovative solutions for your job site, including floor protection, carpet protectors, and more.

Carpeted floors can be easily damaged, whether from dirt, debris, and spills or from ripping and pulling the fabric. You might be asking yourself, “does carpet protection work?” The answer is yes, and we’ll explain:

Do carpet protectors work?

Even if you don’t think your job will be that messy, carpet protection is still a good idea. Carpets can look clean on the surface, but are capable of holding up to a pound of dirt per square foot. Dirt falls to the bottom and gets trapped in the fibers making it hard to clean up. Carpet protection is intended to shield carpets in high-traffic areas from dust, dirt and other debris on the jobsite or during a move. 

Carpet protection film

Carpet can also be damaged from paint spills and splatter, as well as from moving heavy furniture without proper furniture sliders. This can cause major headaches and cost you time and money to fix.

In all of these cases, using a carpet protection film would prevent damage to the carpet and avoid expensive repairs.

What types of carpet protection is there?

There are a few options you can use to protect your carpets during construction or moves. 

  1. Drop cloths or plastic sheeting work well for painting and can double as protection for furniture in a moving truck. 
  2. Plastic carpet runners are great for office spaces or places with heavy foot traffic that need long-term, heavy-duty protection. The textured bottom helps keep the runner in place. One consideration is they don’t provide full coverage from spills and debris.
  3. Self-Adhesive carpet film, such as Carpet Shield, is quick and easy to install, has a light anti-slip adhesive to keep it from moving, is water-resistant, and resistant to tears and punctures for total protection. This temporary carpet protection can be kept on the carpet for up to 30 days with no residue*.
  4. Furniture sliders can protect your carpet during moves. Our Surface Sleds feature memory foam tops and smooth, flexible plastic bottoms so moving furniture is easy and doesn’t snag the carpet.

Buy Carpet Protection Film. 

Are carpet protectors worth it?

The short answer to this question is absolutely. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Carpet protectors are affordable. The cost of carpet tiles per square foot is much higher than that of a carpet film, plastic carpet protector, and a high-quality drop cloth can be used again and again. We can’t say it enough, protecting the carpet from damage will save you from costly repairs.
  2. Carpet protection is easy to install and easy to remove. Pair Carpet Shield with our Multi-Applicator for a fast, effortless application. Carpet film can be installed in minutes and provides full non-slip coverage.
  3. Carpet protectors are versatile. In addition to carpets, drop cloths can be used to protect hardwood floors, vinyl flooring, area rugs, as well as furniture like desk chairs for your home office or the dining table for your kitchen. Perfect for more than just construction or moving, you can use carpet protection film during house showings, parties, or any other time there will be a lot of foot traffic on your carpets and the potential for mess.

Keep your floors and carpets clean and free of damage.

Carpet protection can keep your carpets clean and free from damage. They are absolutely worth the investment before any project or gathering where you know dust, dirt and spills are likely. To find out more about the carpet protection Surface Shields offers, visit our product page.

*We recommend testing all carpet film in an inconspicuous place, prior to application. Carpet film is intended to be used on carpet only.


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