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Why You Need To Specify Temporary Surface Protection In Building Designs

Whether you’re building an office building twenty stories high or a modest residential home, you need to ensure that there are protections in place to maintain the integrity of your project. As an architect, you’ve spent hours upon hours designing your project to perfection, but improper construction procedure can quickly negate all of your hard work.

However, as an architect you also have the power to set the parameters of the construction with your client and develop the final construction plan that includes details like temporary surface protection. Protecting the foundational elements of your project is essential to the entire outcome of your project for these important reasons.


During any construction project, the floors are going to be the section that takes the brunt of the wear and tear. Workers will be walking on them constantly, tracking dirt and debris as they make trips in and out of the construction zone. There will likely be some drops along the way as well and with the heavy equipment that will be transported those drops could be disastrous for a floor. Falling objects can easily dent a wood flooring, chip ceramic tile, or even puncture a vinyl covering. By using temporary floor protection, the precious floors of your project will be guarded against any dangers.


The other elements keeping your building from falling to the ground are the walls. As the architect, you took the time and care to place the walls to get the design you envisioned, whether it was for aesthetics, ergonomics, safety, or energy efficiency. After all of this time, you want to be sure that the walls aren’t in the same danger as the floors. Wall protection shields will give them the coverage they need to prevent knicks, scratches, and even holes. Built into the walls will be the windows, which need window protection film to stay safe as well. Even if they’re not installed until the end of the project, window shield will keep off dust and debris that can dirty a perfectly good window.

According to the Dodge Data and Analytics 2016 Construction Outlook report, the value of construction is estimated to reach $712 billion. With so much financial backing and labor going into a project, you need surface protection to achieve the vision you wanted.


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