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Attention Movers: Here Are 3 Temporary Protection Solutions You Should Be Using

Every day, professional movers are tasked with the job of relocating a family’s precious belongings into their brand new home. They have to do this without damaging the objects or the sparkling new home, which can be a nearly impossible undertaking when moving items that weigh hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds. Luckily, there are a few choice products for temporary protection made just to ease the burden placed on professional movers.

Neo Shield

Made from durable neoprene, the Neo Shield is a reusable neoprene floor runner designed to protect floors and counters from all of the potential dangers during a big move. This handy runner provides temporary protection against high impact drops, spills of all kinds, and the endless foot traffic throughout a home. Falls are the number one cause of death in the construction industry, but with the amount of heavy lifting and transportation movers have to do between homes, the moving industry is also prone to dangerous slips and falls. You don’t have to worry about the Neo Shield being a slipping hazard, as it rolls out flat and is outfitted with a non-adhesive, slip-resistant backing. You can also get this useful piece of equipment made with custom ink to proudly display your company logo during a move.

Surface Sled

When you have the opportunity to move heavy appliances and furniture across a level floor without the obstacles of stairs, you’ll want to take that chance to glide them instead of lift. While there are plenty of small furniture sliders out there, these products tend to fall off or be ineffective at protecting against scratches and gouges. Surface Sleds are made with an extra smooth bottom to prevent any scratches on a home’s floors. The tops are padded with a thick foam to keep the item being moved solidly on top of the Surface Sled.

Entry Shield

Too often, a big moving job is impeded by troublesome door jambs that stick out just a touch too far. With some force you could push larger objects through the doorway, but that would mean seriously scratching the homeowner’s beloved piece of furniture. When you encounter this problem during a move, all you really need is an Entry Shield for temporary protection. This door frame protector is made of is made of thick paperboard or plastic material and can easily snap around most door frames. Its heavy-duty nature can stand up to nearly anything, so that you don’t have to worry about damaging objects or the door jamb itself.

Professional movers too often have to face the wrath of displeased customers who had furniture that couldn’t comfortably be moved into their new home. With these surface protection solutions, movers will be able to guarantee their customers a damage-free move.

Surface Protection for Every Need

From construction and renovation or to moving, Surface Shields has you covered with products such as carpet protection film, floor cover paper, sticky mats, and other floor protection products.


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