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How To Know You’ve Chosen The Right Floor Protection

You may realize that you need some sort of surface protection for your construction project, remodel, or moving project, but you may not know what exact qualities to look for in your temporary floor protection. Every project that calls for floor protection is likely going to need it for different reasons and you should adequately cater the protection to those reasons. Know these important considerations for using temporary floor protection solutions so that you can find the best one for your job.

Flooring Type

Hardwood floors look and function differently than carpet, so they need different protection. Wooden floors will likely need breathable floor protection, so that no moisture gets trapped and warps the flooring. Carpeted areas will need carpet protection film to guard its fibers. Other flooring types, such as tiles, laminates, and marble, will need their own considerations for protection. <

Level Of Impact Protection

 When the area you are protecting is going to see a high volume of traffic and the use of tools or heavy machinery, you need the protection to match. Even a dropped hammer can damage a floor without the proper protection. For these situations, floor protection boards are usually necessary in order to have the necessary level of impact protection.

Flame Retardant

 In any construction site, there is the risk of a dangerous fire starting. If this is a serious risk at your job site, you want to be sure that the protection solutions you use are equipped to guard against those potential flames.

Surface Sensitivity

 A sensitive surface means that it is susceptible to scratches from even the smallest pieces of dirt or debris. The term can also apply to surfaces that need breathable floor protection in order to maintain their integrity.

Ease Of Removal

 The type of protection you use on a surface will also affect how easy or difficult it is to remove afterward. For example, carpet film is very hard to remove from hard surfaces because of its tacky adhesive.

Total Floor Protection

Of course, the type of job will also influence your choice of floor protection. If you’re among the 2.3 million people in the United States who are exposed to respirable crystalline silica at work, you need to use the proper protection solutions to minimize your exposure. Breathable floor protection may be good for those industries, but won’t be as useful for someone like a professional mover. Find the protection that is right for you and your job, and you won’t have issues keeping the floors in perfect condition.


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