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It Just Makes Sense: 4 Key Benefits of Custom Printed Floor Protection

Posted on February 23, 2019 | By: SurfaceShields

Any smart business is always looking for ways to reach a wider audience and connect with potential customers. If you lead a construction company, you know that advertising your services is essential to beating your many competitors.

One effective and simple way to raise awareness of your company is using custom printed floor protection products. These handy tools help you keep your job site neat, containing dust while simultaneously advertising your company's services.

If you're thinking about investing in custom printed floor protection, read on. Here's how Step 'N Peel Clean mats, Builder Board, Plasti-Shield, and other customized products can benefit your construction business.

4 Benefits Of Custom Printed Floor Protection Products

1. You Can Advertise Specific services

Some custom-printed surface protection styles allow buyers to list the company's services and products. What better way to advertise all the awesome stuff you have to offer than on the Builder Board each worker will walk over constantly, or the on the walls with pieces of Plasti-Shield every passerby will see?

2. You Can Boost Overall Brand Knowledge

You don't have to advertise specific products or services. If you prefer a more subtle approach, why not use custom printed surface protection to simply increase brand awareness? With the help of a graphic designer, brainstorm clever ways to include your company's name, logo, and colors on all your construction dust control materials. You could even include a phone number so that any potential client who notices your clean and orderly construction site can contact your business with ease.

3. Containment Materials Are Hard To Miss

Construction projects are pretty much never finished in a single day. As such, your custom printed floor protection or window shields will be able to spread the message of your company for weeks or even months at a time. Large plastic shields that cover walls and wide pieces of builder board are indeed quite noticeable, so your message is almost guaranteed to reach your audience.

4. These Products Are More Affordable Than Other Advertising

If you're going to purchase dust containment and floor protection materials anyway, why not capitalize on an easy marketing opportunity? After all, buying billboard space or running digital ad campaigns are far from cheap or simple. With custom printed floor protection products, you can spread your message literally all over the walls, to boost brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of other advertising strategies.

Dodge Data and Analytics' 2016 Construction Outlook report predicted 6% growth, with the value of construction starts reaching approximately $712 billion. Help your own company grow just as quickly with custom floor protection. With custom printed products like Step 'N Peel Clean mats, Builder Board, Plasti-Shield, your construction team can keep the job clean, and ensure more jobs keep lining up. For more information about advertising with custom floor protection products, give us a call at Surface Shields today!
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