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Introducing Surface Shields’ Brand Messaging and New Look.

This is what ‘Pro Grade’ looks like.

Starting this month you’ll begin to see our products with new packaging hit the shelves of showrooms, retailers and distribution warehouses. Additionally all advertising and marketing vehicles are being updated to reflect the new typography, icons, photography and Surface Shields colors of red, white and dark gray.

What brought on this new look? It parallels the release of our new brand messaging and tagline. Essentially we’ve grown to a point where we are connecting with product users more then ever, in order to understand their challenges on the job. It’s our mission and brand promise to offer the toughest floor protection and dust containment products on the market. And, by further developing relationships with jobsite professionals, we can further develop products for true professionals – professionals that are tougher than the jobsite.

One of our first and most impressive pieces that embraces the new look and brand messaging, is the Surface Shields catalog. Earlier this year, we decided that our catalog would be a tribute to jobsite professionals. The new catalog features portraits of tough jobsite professionals used to represent each category within our product line. The new tagline, “Tougher Than The Jobsite” projects a double meaning of the products we develop and the professionals that ‘bust their back’ every day to ensure that the job is done right. This concept immediately clicked for us and it wasn’t long before designs for packaging, sell sheets, business cards and a new website were all developed to support this messaging.

It’s important for us to note that while we are further building relationships with product users, we are completely committed to distribution. Our efforts of connecting with jobsite professionals are to ultimately deliver high performance products through our distribution network.

We’re truly excited to release our brand messaging and new look. It took our Marketing team many early mornings and even longer nights, but the final result was worth the effort. We feel like we certainly have achieved our goal of creating a brand for the toughest jobsite professionals. Here are just a few images of what’s to come.


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