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The New Player in Town.

If you’re a painter, you know as well as anyone, the devil is in the details. In most cases, prep work is what perfects those fine details. Surface Shields has made a name for itself as a company that promotes preparedness before taking on any size project. That is why Surface Shields is proud to announce a highly sought after addition to its product line; Masking Shield. This is an economical and versatile product that also fits Surface Shields’ high standard for toughness. What that means for you as a painter? Well, simply put, there’s a new player in town.

Photo of a man's hand while painting the edge of a wall protected with Masking Shield.
Masking Shield is an easy to conform masking paper that is designed for holding out water based liquids and finishes such as latex paints, acrylic stains, and plaster. As mentioned earlier, it is very versatile. It can be used to protect your walls, floor, and ceiling when painting your trim and molding. You can wrap cabinets, furniture, windows, doors, just about anything. Masking Shield is particularly useful when using a paint sprayer or any other difficult to control paint application. It is also not limited to just paint work, you can use it while working on drywall, stucco, and any remodeling that requires protection from dirt, dust, and debris.
Photo on white background of 3 Masking Shield rolls of different sizes.
Surface Shields offers Masking Shield in 6inch, 9inch, and 12inch rolls. All roll sizes are 180ft. It pairs perfectly with Surface Shields 2inch Painters Blue Tape or Masking tape. An alternative masking paper releasing into the painting industry will certainly provide trade professionals with a premium option at an economical cost. Surface Shields has always focused on product performance before anything, which isn’t always the case for other brands. This is great news for professional painters, as Surface Shields ventures further into this market.


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