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6 Tips to Safeguarding Unaffected Areas of a Home During a Renovation

When people start a renovation project, the areas that are not being remodeled are just as important as the areas that are. Dust, dirt and foot traffic can cause damages to surfaces, resulting in lost time and money. 

Installing a variety of surface protection products such as door frame protectors, dust containment walls and floor protection are the types of precautions that should be taken prior to any remodel. 

<h2>6 Surfaces to Protect During a Home Remodel</h2>

Surface protection is key. Reduce damages and protect any and all surfaces that are at risk. We compiled a list of key areas to be cautious of. 

<h3>1. Floors</h3>

First and foremost, protect your floorseven if your crew is just passing through. Floors are easily susceptible to scratches, dents, dirt, dust and stains. If you are working on a hard surface, explore heavy duty board options. Looking for impact resistance, corrugated plastic or a neoprene runner will protect your surfaces from dents.

<h3>2. Windows</h3>

If there are windows in the home that are not going to be worked on but will be exposed to dust, you need to take the time to apply window shield to the area. If airflow is needed and the windows will need to be open during the renovation process, you can protect them just as easily by putting up plastic treatments. Some people assume it will be easier to remove window treatments but that can be time-intensive and can do more damage than you prevent. 

<h3>3. Doors</h3>

Doors can face a lot of wear and tear on the job. Prevent costly damages with a door jamb protector. Door frame protectors are lightweight, and easy to install. They don’t require any tape, you just clamp them in place and they then take them off and reuse them on the next project. 

<h3>4. Countertops</h3>

Take care of the countertops. Marble and granite are popular options for most kitchens. These materials are extremely susceptible to cracks and chips. 

Countertops are also commonly used as additional workspace on the job. Before utilizing the space, cover the surface with paperboard protection products or a hard surface film. Be sure your surface is clean and free of any debris, prior to laying your surface protector down.

<h3>5. Bathtubs</h3>

Do not forget to protect the bathtubs. Before you start working on the home, it is important to put some protection on the bathtub. Surface Shields’ Multi Shield features a residue-free tacky backing, and leak resistant top. This impact resistant surface easily conforms to the shape of the tub, and is repositionable. 

<h3>6. Stairs</h3>

Don’t overlook the stairs! Stairs are always at risk for high foot traffic damage. Utilize Stair Shield for total stair protection. Designed with polypropylene, Stair Shield is lightweight and easy in install, yet is tough and dependable. 

<h2>Don’t skimp on surface protection during your remodel.</h2>

In addition to protecting all your surfaces during a remodeling project, remember the workers need to be protected as well. Fall-related injuries cause more deaths in this industry than any other injuries sustained on construction jobs. Make sure if the people working at a high height have the right safety equipment.

Doing the preparation work before a renovation or remodeling job is as important as doing the project work itself. Explore Surface Shields’ full line of heavy duty surface protection products. 


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