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The Ultimate Floor and Surface Protection for Kitchen Renovations

When considering a kitchen renovation, thinking about surface and floor protection during construction should always come first. Kitchen remodels are one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, but renovations aren’t always easy. Making sure your hardwood floors, carpets, windows and other surfaces remain undamaged means less stress during construction and can save you from costly repairs. To help you out, we’ve put together 3 tips to help you with your own kitchen remodel.

1. Create a temporary kitchen.

The first step is to create a temporary kitchen area for yourself to use during the remodel. If you’re replacing your appliances, keep the ones you’ll need like the fridge and microwave and set them up in your living room or dining room, if possible. If space is an issue, things like toaster ovens, electric skillets, crockpots, mini-fridges and camping stoves are compact and can temporarily replace the bulkier appliances. Surface Shields carpet and hard surface sleds make moving bulky appliances and heavy equipment and furniture a breeze, and they protect your floor surfaces. Just slide them under the corners of the appliance and they’ll glide along the surface.

2. Keep the dust contained.

It’s important to keep the dust and debris contained when you’re doing demolition, drywall work and sanding. When used with plastic sheeting, dust containment poles create a quick and dependable barrier between rooms. Make sure to cover any furniture or appliances with a plastic drop cloth as well. Use a self adhesive film like Vent Mask which can keep dust from entering your wall or floor registers.

3. Protect your surfaces.

Kitchen renovations don’t always have to be big projects. You may love your cabinets but want to update the countertops. Maybe it’s as simple as not liking the paint color on the walls. No matter the scale of the project, it’s important to protect the items in your home you don’t want damaged, including your hardwood, laminate, or concrete floors, and surfaces like granite or marble countertops. Surface Shields has the products you need to protect your home.
    1. Carpet Shield – Even carpet that looks clean can be hiding up to a pound of dirt per square yard. Even if you don’t have carpet near your kitchen, dust travels. This self-adhering carpet protection film guards your carpet from dust and debris. It’s tear resistant so you don’t have to worry about walking on it.protective film on carpet
    2. Builder Board – This temporary floor protection defends against water, mud, paint and more and is made with breathable technology, which allows your floors to breathe. Simply roll it out, seam the edges together with Builder Board Tape and secure it to the floor with all purpose or painter’s grade blue tape for lasting coverage during your project.
    3. Multi Shield – Use this heavy duty surface protector for hardwood floors or other hard surfaces. Multi Shield is breathable, waterproof, and features a slip-resistant adhesive bottom that will not leave a residue.
    4. Window Shield – Protect your windows from dust and overspray with this glass protection film. You can use Window Shield for up to 45 days.
      protective film on countertop
    5. Marble Shield – If you have marble or granite counters, Marble Shield is a great way to protect them from paint, spills, scratches and more.
    6. Step N Peel – An easy way to keep from tracking dirt throughout high traffic areas of the house is to use a sticky mat that captures dirt from heavy foot traffic. Step N Peel comes with either 30 or 60 sheets so it can last until the end of the renovation.

Protection Guaranteed

Kitchen renovations don’t have to be intimidating, especially when you have peace of mind that your surfaces are protected. Breathe easier knowing Surface Shields has your back. Check out Surface Shields’ full line of products.


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