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Why Redo Work?

A few preventative steps to help you avoid costly repairs

Take time to prep

Nothing is worse than when your super walks into the trailer, hard hat in hand to let you know that something went wrong. We’ve all been there. Something installed is now damaged, or worse, something installed must be completely replaced.

Taking the time to prep your space and ensuring doors, walls and other surfaces are protected can save you a ton of headaches. Trust us. Avoid re-doing your work and utilize surface protection projects on the jobsite.

Floor Protection During Construction

Floor protection during construction is a must. Prior to job, lay a heavy duty surface protector down to prevent damage from traffic, heavy machinery, paint, dust and dirt.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the easiest types of flooring to damage. Subject to dents and scratches easily, hardwoods require a temporary floor covering for most types of construction or paint work. Avoid costly mistakes with one of Surface Shield’s most trusted surface protection products.

  1. Builder Board®: This heavy duty board product is the ultimate upgrade to rosin paper and builders paper. Made from recycled materials, Builder Board protects all types of flooring and surfaces against heavy traffic, heavy equipment and all types of spills.
  2. Plasti Shield®: Looking for an alternative to masonite? Plasti Shield provides heavy duty protection to floors during construction. The plastic corrugated sheets are lightweight, easy to install and provide impact and leak resistant protection. man with toolbelt holding corrugated plastic board

Carpet Protection

Carpeted surfaces are a pain to clean after construction. Paint, dust and debris settle into carpets causing damage, and carpet cleaning is expensive.

Surface Shields’ Carpet Shield® Film provides the ultimate protection during construction. Adhesive protection film is resistant to punctures, and can be left on the carpeted surface for up to 30 days. Film is easy to install with or without a film applicator.


Stair Protection Product Shot 1

    1. Stair Shield™: Designed with corrugated plastic, Stair Shield provides extreme protection for stairs, yet is lightweight and easy to install. Added bonus: Stair Shield protects the entire stair including the tread, riser and bullnose.
    2. Multi Shield®: Designed with a tacky back, Multi Shield is a great option for stairs. The light adhesive easily conforms to the stair shape, and leaves no residue. Multi Shield is breathable, repositionable, leak resistant and impact resistant.


  1. Avoid costly mistakes. Prep and protect your surfaces.

    Save time and money by taking a few key steps to ensure your floors are completely protected. Avoid costly replacements and angry customers with the help of Surface Shields’ protection products. Explore our full line of heavy duty surface protectors. No matter the surface type, we’ve got you covered.


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