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4 Contracting Tools You Want To Have On Hand This Spring

Winter is almost over, which means more homeowners will soon be calling up your contracting business for a variety of renovations. Spring means new beginnings and for many homeowners that means new kitchens and master bathrooms. To make sure you’re ready for the springtime rush, it might help to do some spring cleaning of your own. Here are five tools you want to make sure you have for your renovation projects all year round. – Floor protection boards. Floor protection products are crucial because they’re what protects the carpeting, hardwoods, and tiles in the home from debris. If a pet’s claws can leave marks on the floor, you can be sure even the smallest of debris can make a serious impact. Always be sure to have floor protection on hand. – Dust barriers. It isn’t just the floors you need to protect when you’re doing a renovation. You also need to be sure you’re containing the dust to the area you’re working on to keep from sending debris throughout the rest of the house. Creating dust containment walls out of poly sheeting sounds like a big job, but with the right tools, it only takes minutes. – Paint-on protection. You can’t use boards and insulation everywhere. Luckily, there are paint-on protection options you can use to protect the surface of bathtubs and countertops to keep from damaging them. Paint-on protection creates a rubbery surface that can be pulled off easily after the renovation is done. – Woodchips. If you regularly do exterior renovations such as additions or patios, it’s a good idea to supply yourself with woodchips. Woodchips can be used to create a path during the renovation to keep you and your workers from trudging through the muddy yard when there’s no pavement or grass.


– Cut Resistant Gloves. Wearing cut resistant gloves while doing any kind of renovation or remodel is crucial when working with big sharp power tools .


Surface Shields has the protection tools you need to keep dust under control and keep floors, windows, and surfaces protected. To learn more about our temporary floor protection boards and other shields, contact Surface Shields today.


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