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Surface Shields launches the 10ft Dust Shield Pro Pole

The perfect dust containment solution for residential and small commercial projects.
While dust containment poles and accessories have been in the market place for well over 15 years now, there’s still a significant amount of professionals in the painting, drywall, abatement and construction industries using alternative methods to build dust barriers. These methods include taping poly sheeting directly to ceilings and walls, using poly hangers for drop ceilings or simply nailing or screwing sheeting in place to construct a containment area. All of these options aren’t ideal as the installation time is long and in many cases damage can occur. Dust containment poles are the best option, as they securely hold poly sheeting without the use of any additional pieces that can cause damage. The idea is to give jobsite professionals better options to get the job done right at an affordable cost. Just recently, Surface Shields announced the availability of an economic 10’ Dust Shield Pro Pole designed for residential and small commercial projects. Their existing 12’ and 20’ options have been made available to the commercial markets for years, however the residential market was in need of a shorter dust containment pole, as the average ceiling height is 8’ to 9’. It simply made sense to offer a ‘residential’ size to the residential market. All the same features and specifications are still included, such as the 1-piece locking head, micro-adjustable tension and heavy-duty aluminum construction. The launch of this product supports their brand initiative of supplying jobsite professionals with affordable, premium solutions. Knowing the importance of staying true to the brand name, Surface Shields made the decision to not sacrifice the quality for this new residential version of the Dust Shield Pro Pole. This is what separates them apart from the pack. There are several other options on the market today that have failed to offer a 10’ version with the same durability and quality found in the commercial 12’ and 20’ sizes.


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