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Surface Shields donating $25,000 with 50k views

View and share the video below to support the cause.
The Surface Shields brand centers on those in the workforce who are resilient and determined to overcome any adversities that they encounter. These jobsite professionals who ‘bust their back’ day after day are celebrated throughout Surface Shields’ organization and when wanting to find a way to ‘give back’ it was only fitting that they partnered with one of the toughest General Contractors in the country – Anvil Builders. The CEO and President of Anvil, HT Tran, incurred permanent injuries from an attack during services in Iraq. He used his military experience to build a career in construction and in 2010 he co-founded Anvil Builders. To this day, HT employs many veterans, as he is an advocate of helping them transition back into civilian life. Surface Shields has teamed up with Anvil Builders to help bring awareness to the wounded Veteran service organization, Sentinels of Freedom. Surface Shields developed this video to celebrate the success of Anvil Builders and to drive donations to the Sentinels of Freedom organization. Additionally, Surface Shields will be donating $25,000 once they achieve the goal of 50,000 views. To obtain this goal, they will be reaching out to all customers and other contacts to post the video on their websites and social media pages. Feel free to re-post this video to support the cause and to contact us for additional ways to get involved.

For over a decade, Sentinels of Freedom has been committed to setting wounded Veterans up for success. Their unique two to four-year scholarship program pairs Veterans with a mentor, and helps them craft the specific and necessary skills to succeed as a civilian. They pride themselves in being more than just a hand out, they continue to work with the Veterans long term to ensure their success.

Donations made to Sentinels of Freedom go to its various injured Veteran programs. The main program is the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship. This scholarship program helps pay for housing, full time education, financial planning services, networking, and mentorship. The goal is to allow injured Veterans to focus on their studies and life goals while in the program. Being an injured Veteran is enough of a struggle without adding the challenges that come with transitioning into civilian life. Sentinels of Freedom’s programs are aimed to ease that transition as much as possible.


Anvil Builders is considered a product of the Sentinels of Freedom program. HT Tran, credits his ability to start this San Francisco based construction company on the resources provided to him by Sentinels of Freedom. For over six years, the Anvil Builders team has worked on various jobs in the Bay Area, including the massive and expansive Trans Bay Terminal project.

The individuals featured in the video are all actual military Veterans employed by Anvil Builders. Each with their own background, goals, and accomplishments. Although they were not enrolled in the Sentinels of Freedom program, none of them hesitated to help bring awareness to the program. As HT said, “We Veterans, never stop serving”.

Man with glasses sitting at a desk.

As we kick this campaign off on November 11th, Veterans Day, Surface Shields couldn’t be more honored to work with two organizations that are truly Tougher Than The Jobsite. A Sincere thank you to Anvil Builders and Sentinels of Freedom for your passion to Never Stop Serving.

Logos of Surface Shields, Anvil Builders and Sentinel of Freedom.


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