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Letting Contractors Be Contractors

Protecting the jobsite, while allowing contractors to do their jobs.

Construction is tough. Long hours, frequently in weather that is way too hot or way too cold. You have to carry heavy loads, bags of equipment, and your tools. Also they expect you to be creative and solve problems on the fly to keep the job on time. Finally, towards the end of the job you are also expected to do all this and make absolutely sure that nothing happens to the existing or finished surfaces. You are supposed to get your job done and get it done on time, but now you have to be quick and careful? You still have to carry heavy loads and work in hot or cold conditions, but you also have to tiptoe. What you need are tough materials, things that will take care of the site protection, but let you do your job.

A contractor while holding a drill.
In the perfect job, the first time that you need to start being careful is when the final finished flooring is put down. Weather that is tile, carpet, hardwood, etc. this is when the real tiptoeing starts. Builder Board is perfect for this scenario. This breathable paperboard is perfect for any kind of flooring, simultaneously providing liquid and scratch protection, while also helping with moisture control. You can lay this down over curing materials without having to worry about creating a moisture barrier, meaning your flooring gets installed the right way. With the added benefit that you can still use the shielded space while the flooring is curing, saving you both time and money.
Builder Board Floor Protection
Residential or commercial jobs with sites that require walking through non-work or completed areas have many of the same headaches as dealing with the final stages of new construction. Simply laying down Carpet Shield over carpeted surfaces makes sure that any paint, mud, or dirt that occur on the way to the new office suite, doesn’t suddenly become part of the repair work. This adhesive protection film is easy to lay out and creates clear paths to the site, with the added benefit of not having to take a shower every time you have to head outside to bring in that load of supplies.
Carpet protection film
Have you ever had to go to a site, maybe it is a home renovation project, where they make you take your boots off? Maybe the owner is very particular, or has allergies who knows. The only thing is that now you actually have to tiptoe. It can be a little embarrassing but it is also unsafe. When walking around the jobsite in socked feet it is very easy to slip or worst case you step on your own sock and kick over a can of paint. Just think how mad the owner is going to be then. The solution is a box of Shoe Covers. Probably the first time that anyone has suggested shoe covers as a hardy solution, but they will let you keep your boots on. Boots on your feet will keep you safe and will save you time. These Shoe Covers slip on and off in seconds, saving that time of re-lacing every time you head out to your truck to pick up that tool your forgot.
shoe covers

Protecting the jobsite is key to making sure that your jobs finish on time and under budget, however you can’t sacrifice your safety or your ability to do your jobs to the best of your ability.


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