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“We Are Just Having A Few People Over.”

Helping you keep your lazy Sunday.

The back yard BBQ. Those words used to strike fear into my heart. Normally on a Saturday afternoon I plan on relaxing in my recliner with a beer and the TV. Now comes the dread of prepping, playing grill master, and dealing with mosquitos. Worst of all, at least in my opinion, cleaning up after. Nothing is worse than waking up the next morning, coming down the stairs to a disaster area and realize that your plans for Sunday just went out the window. And while there is no getting out of the trips to the big box stores (who is using a 96oz bottle of ketchup anyway?) you can do a few things to help diminish the post party carnage.

A close-up picture of a man's legs covered with multicolor plastic bunting.
Pre-planning is key if you want to keep the mess level down during the party. Keeping the empties from stacking up, buying that extra trash can, and making sure the young ones keep away from the 96oz bottle of ketchup (why did we buy that anyway?). Moving some of the furniture out of the way to the path to the back yard can make for all the difference, ensuring that your favorite recliner retains your custom body-fitting mold that has taken years to acquire. Surface Shields Hard Surface and Carpet Surface Sleds can make that a little easier. Why have to deal with the back pain from heavy lifting when these furniture sleds let you just slide your furniture out of the way.
A man pulling a sofa while using sleds.
But what to do about the carpet? China white seemed like a great idea in the showroom and you have been trained to always take your shoes off at the door. But how can you be sure that all of your guests will follow in your footing? Well with Carpet Shield, you can lay down a clear path through the house. The self-adhering film, isn’t going to come up at the end of the night when everyone is at their muddiest.
Picture of a self-adhering film over a carpet.
Finally the sliding glass door, the last and most critical barrier to the outside world. It has never failed to keep the elements out before, but with people coming and going all day and night it has been compromised. However, the sliding door does have back up. With the Step N Peel clean mat you can protect the sanctity of the house at every entrance and exit. With 30 tacky sheets of polyethylene film, it will get the dirt off of any one walking through the house. Also when the top layer of this sticky mat gets too dirty to pick up any more, just pull it off using the tab system and not only will you have a new protective surface, but you will know how many you have left.
A close-up of a man's dirty shoes while standing on a protective surface on a carpet.

Well, survived the latest BBQ. Just have a little clean up and I can head off to dreamland but with all the preparation I know that I get to wake up with a clean house. Just have to put the Step N Peel mat away. Then roll up the carpet shield and put it in the recycling. Finally using the surface sleds, slide the furniture back into place. Just have to take out the trash and I have my Sunday afternoon back. Wait, what is that sound? Oh no, a gang of raccoons have gotten into that 96oz bottle of ketchup and they are coming right for me. If I survive, I’ll see you guys next month.


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