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A Brief Guide To Selecting Tapes for Builder Board

Because A Tango Takes Two
One of the best ways to ensure complete surface protection is to seam your protection products together. Knowing what tape to use can be a task in itself, and using the wrong tape can end up ruining a surface that you initially set out to protect. Surface Shields carries over two dozen different types of tapes, and we offer a selection of sizes for most of them.
A man crouching over several protective surfaces while taping them together.
One of the most common products that we recommend seaming together is Builder Board. It’s standard procedure to seam Builder Board together, so much so we also offer Builder Board Tape. This tape features a very high level of adhesion and is very durable. This adhesion level on this tape makes it unsafe to be used directly on surfaces. It is specifically designed to seam two pieces of board together. It will likely leave sticky, hard to remove, residue behind and in some cases, it could strip a layer off of your surfaces. Tapes with this high of an adhesion level are often referred to as “seam tapes” in the surface protection industry. This is because the aggressive adhesive is perfect for firmly holding your board in place. This becomes a problem at the edges of your surface protection area. Your surface protection products will need to be taped to the ground or wall to create a complete seal, but of course you won’t be able to do this with a seam tape. For this you will need an “anchor tape”, which often feature a less destructive amount of adhesion. Anchor tapes include, but are not limited to, Painter’s Grade Blue Tape, Masking Tape, and Polyethylene (PE) Tape. It is important to use high quality anchor tapes, because the tape will need to firmly adhere the board to the surrounding surfaces and needs to provide an adequate amount durability not to tear or become compromised in the middle of a job.
an intersection between a blue adhesive tape and a cardboard masking tape.

In some cases, you can use your anchor tape as a seam tape. This usually only works on light duty jobs. The main issue that jobsites run into while using an anchor tape to seam is durability. For example, Painter’s Grade Blue Tape isn’t designed to handle high traffic areas. A jobsite often endures workers with boots, heavy equipment being rolled in and out, building material being moved around, and the occasional dropped tool. This kind of activity can be a bit much for Painter’s Grade Blue Tape.

On the other hand, Polyethylene Tape is much more durable and features a non destructive amount of adhesion, but it isn’t exactly a cheap tape. Depending on the size of your job, you could be using more seam tape that you might expect. This tape is useful for anchoring when you expect to do a lot of work towards the edge of your surface protection area, such as wall installations and window work.

Man using duct tape to connect two protective surfaces.

Another factor to take into account while picking tape is knowing what you are protecting. If you are protecting a newly finished concrete or epoxy coated surface, you’ll need to use a tape and surface protection product that will allow that surface to breathe. Both Builder Board and Multi Shield are breathable products, and Builder Board Breathable Tape is Surface Shield’s only tape that will allow vapors to escape allowing surfaces to cure evenly. One roll of Builder Board Breathable can seam up to one full 100ft roll or Builder Board while one roll Builder Board Tape comes in slightly larger rolls and can seam up to two full rolls of 100ft Builder Board, depending on the jobsite dimensions. The most ideal tape combination is one that will save you money in the short term and the long term.

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