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More Than Just Dust Containment

Four Creative uses for Dust Shield Pro Poles

Over the years Dust Shield Pro has become one of Surface Shields most popular products. These poles were designed to create dust containment walls and rooms to keep debris and dust from spreading beyond a jobsite. Its success and demand is often credited to its sleek look, tough build, and easy to use design. As it turns out, these poles refuse to be just another “one trick pony”. Users have been discovering alternate ways these poles can lend a helping hand on a jobsite.

One of the most popular alternate uses for Dust Shield Pro is the “cross bar” method. This method is great when your jobsite has an oversized doorway or entryway and you are short on poles. You can simply hang your plastic sheeting from a horizontally placed pole and tape the edges to create a tight seal. This way, you are only using one pole, and breakdown is basically one step. The pole also gives you something to clamp your plastic sheeting to if you are using a two-zipper doorway. Some workers have taken the cross bar method to the next level and used the poles for hanging lights and other jobsite necessities. When hanging any objects from a cross bar pole it is always necessary to take the proper safety measures. Safety chains or clasps should always be used.
Close-up photo of the bases of two red and black poles on the handrail of some ladders.
Another popular use for these poles is on angles surfaces. Dust Shield Pro poles feature a gripped pivot foot, which make them very simple to use on ramps, or angled surfaces. As a safety measure, it is advised to use tape, or additional support on extreme angles, or slippery surfaces. The photo above shows the poles being used on a wood staircase banister, and Surface Shields Painter’s Grade Blue Tape was used to secure the poles. In situations like this, it’s important to use a durable grade of tape, with significant tack, that won’t leave residue on your surfaces.
A photo from above of a door held by a red and black pole.

One very simple use for the poles is as a doorstop. Rubber and wood doorstops often slip or cause damage to the base of the door. Firmly placing a Dust Shield Pro Pole in front of an open door will prevent it from closing and keep a clear pathway on your jobsite. When placed correctly, the only point of contact between the door and the pole is on the cushioned handgrip, ensuring the pole won’t scratch the door. For total protection, make sure to use a door frame protector, on every construction site.

A photo of a warning notice for a construction area.

The simplest alternative use for Dust Shield Pro is to display warning or information signs on a jobsite. Traditionally jobsite signs are hung from existing beams or structures in the jobsite space, or placed on an easel or tripod stand. Using Dust Shield Pro allows you to put your signage where it will be best seen while also taking up a minimal amount of ground space. If your sign is meant to warn or notify the general public of your jobsite, the sleek yet durable look of these red poles presents an extra level of professionalism for your jobsite.

The Dust Shield Pro pole tubes are crafted out of heavy gauge aluminum. The quality of the metal paired with the simplicity of the design, gives these poles a stability that is hard to match. The quality of the poles has inspired some workers to really put them to the test. The video above shows the Dust Shield Pro poles being used to install ceiling drywall, a task that requires two, and sometimes three people. In a situation where extra help is not available, Dust Shield Pro poles may be able to lend a helping hand. As seen the in the video, the first two poles are anchored to the wall beams, to keep the installer safe. The other two poles are incrementally brought up to ceiling height to reduce the chance of cracking the sheet. Sometimes schedules get messed up, or extra help becomes unavailable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the job done.
At the end of the day, the most popular use of Dust Shield Pro poles is what it’s designed to do, control jobsite dust, but just like most tools and materials you find on a jobsite, there is more to them than what is on the label.


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