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Why Redo Work?

A few preventative steps can keep your new work looking new

3/4th of the way into a job is when things can start to go wrong. It could be a combination of all the finishes coming together, and guys from trades you have never even heard of are bumping into each other trying to get the job done on time. Nothing is worse than when you are the super on the site and you see someone walk into the trailer, hard hat in hand to let you know that something went wrong. Either, something installed is now damaged, or worse something installed must be completely replaced.  Thinking a little ahead and getting the doors and walls protected, either before the job starts or as soon as they are installed, can save you a ton of headaches. 

You just got done painting and were told the floor in that room must come up and be replaced. You wonder how you are going to protect the room from the frustrated guys who now must demo and replace the floor that they thought that they had finished months ago. Well, Plasti-Shield is there for you. These corrugated plastic sheets are light weight enough to be hung on a wall but also strong enough for floor protection. In combination with Surface Shields Blue Tape they can easily protect against tool belt scrapes or a guy whose vision is blocked while carrying 2×4’s to the jobsite.  Also, maybe the best part, they can be printed with your logo, letting you protect the jobsite and market your company at the same time.

Door Frames are usually installed earlier in the job timeline and that means a lot of opportunities for damage to occur. Sure, one of the last things that you can do before you leave the jobsite could be to paint or buff out any dings or scratches, but do you really want to? No matter how good of a job that you do, it won’t look brand new and the owner is likely to notice. One solution is to cover each side of the door frames with Entry Shield. Door jamb protectors are products that not a lot of people think about until it’s too late. They come in both plastic and cardboard and look more professional than taping left over cardboard to the frame. They fold around standard frames and don’t require any adhesive. They can stand up against dings and scratches, like when you turn a little too sharply with a ladder under your arm. Entry Shield is meant to last the whole job and the heavy-duty plastic version can last for multiple.

One of the last things you do before finishing the job is to hang the doors. They don’t take long, but then you have to worry about them until substantial completion. Well, Surface Shields has a solution to this problem, Door Armor. It is a protective film that is formulated specifically for factory finished doors. It will protect from minor scratches and comes off without leaving a sticky residue.

Well, the last dumpster has pulled off the lot and the landscaping guys are starting their work, but you are done with the site and everything looks brand new. By taking a few key steps the doors and walls were completely protected and you didn’t have to take extra time to replace anything. You got the job done on time, and without any of those costly replacements, under budget.  


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