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5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Home renovations don’t have to be a headache. With the proper planning and necessary materials, and the right contractors, your new space can dodge costly delays, saving you time, money, and frustration. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common home renovation mistakes both pros and homeowners make on the job site.

1. Skipping permits and regulations

When beginning any home  renovation project, neglecting to obtain necessary permits or ignoring building codes can set your project back months. If your property is not up to code, it can result in hefty fines and delays- ultimately costing you time and money.

It’s important to research and understand all local regulations prior to doing any work. When in doubt, loop in a professional to make sure all necessary steps have been taken before beginning your home renovation project.

2. Neglecting to clean and prep your renovation site

  • Before starting any project, take the time to properly clean your space. Small particles, such as dirt, sand, or construction dust, can cause scratches when trapped beneath protective coverings. When these particles damage your surfaces, you’ll have to spend more time repairing or even replacing the surface you intended to protect.
  • We recommend thoroughly sweeping, dusting, and mopping your floors and surfaces prior to adding any protective floor covering.
  • Consider the flow of your renovation site and create clear pathways to minimize choke points and accidents.

Person rolling Builder Board floor protection onto tile floor3. Not covering the floors adequately and underestimating foot traffic management

When protecting your floors during a renovation, it’s essential to take precautions to prevent damage and maintain their quality. Different types of floors need specific protective barriers to ensure additional damage doesn’t occur.

  • Hard Surfaces: For hard surfaces, we recommend using a flooring paper or board product such as Surface Shields Water Shield or Builder Board. These construction-grade paper products are ideal for protecting against foot traffic, paint, and spills. They can be easily installed and recycled after use.
  • Carpeted Surfaces: For carpeted surfaces, an adhesive film will keep your carpet free from dust, spills, and foot traffic. Surface Shields’ Carpet Shield is a puncture-resistant film that provides dependable protection for up to 30 days.

4. Ignoring safety precautions and failing to consult experts

Safety should always be a priority during a home renovation. Failing to take necessary precautions can lead to harmful setbacks. To prevent accidents, make sure all crew members are properly equipped with proper PPE such as coveralls, eyewear, and respirators. Keep the work area clean to minimize hazards and make sure all workers are trained on the operation of renovation equipment to help you avoid common mistakes and ensure a smooth renovation process.

5. Underestimating foot traffic management

All too often, renovators overlook the potential damage foot traffic can create. We recommend using a puncture and impact-resistant material such as Neo Shield to prevent floor damage in high-traffic areas.

Job Site Protection for Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling can be an exciting process for your living space. By avoiding these 5 common home renovation mistakes you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the renovation process. Explore Surface Shields’ full line of surface protection products for total job site protection.


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