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Dust Contain and Conquer NEW HEIGHTS with the 20ft Dust Shield PRO™ Pole. New from Surface Shields.

Those taller remodeling and construction projects are finally within reach with the release of this tougher than the jobsite™ dust containment pole.

When choosing the right tools for the job means more than ever, the new 20ft Dust Shield PRO™ is here for all your dust containment needs. Whether you’re a DIY warrior or taking on a larger project with a crew, the need for extendable poles is rising. Combine with a recent study by JJL Investments predicting steady construction growth over the next few years and the dust containment market will continue to share that same influx.

A man standing on a protective white surface over a carpet.

The average heights of most commercial ceilings are taller than twelve feet. Residential homes are commonly built with vaulted ceilings and even second story foyers, making the demand for a taller extendable pole higher than ever.

The new 20ft Dust Shield PRO™ features a tough, dent-resistant aluminum pole that exhibits an unparalleled stability at heights far steeper than leading competitors.

A man closing a plastic dust container curtain.
Thanks to manufacturing advances, the 20ft pole actually retracts to a smaller size than the sixteen-foot model it replaces, making it easier to transport and store. This advancement, along with the same micro-adjustment feature of our twelve-foot model, makes the new pole more durable and convenient than anything else on the market. These poles are perfect for all your dust containment needs and are always tougher than the jobsite™. Contact Surface Shields® and locate the new 20ft Dust Shield PRO™ Pole for your next project today.


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