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Blackhawks Community Training Center

Upcoming Chicago Project

Mid 2015, the Blackhawks organization along with the City of Chicago announced their plans to create a training center that could double as a community center for local youth and community programs. This announcement came in conjunction with the plan to complete the new Malcolm X College building in January 2016. The college moved one block north of it’s previous 45-year-old building, which will be demolished, and the new Blackhawks Community Training Center will take its place.  

An aerial photo of the Blackhawks Community Training Center site.

The exact features of the new building have not been released yet, but the building will be around 125,000 square feet, and will likely feature two ice rinks. The four-acre lot proposed for this building is about two blocks south of the United Center and three blocks southwest from the new Advocate Center Chicago Bulls Practice Facility. The new center will share the former Malcolm X College lot with a new Rush University building.

Photo of a man while putting blue adhesive protective material on a window.
The new center is projected to cost around $50 million and is being lead by the international architecture firm HOK and Chicago based construction company McHugh. This is the same company duo that designed and built the Advocate Center Chicago Bulls Practice Facility which opened in 2014. We can count on a few things from the continued collaboration from these two companies based off their pervious work. The mix of technology with design seems to be the focus of HOK and McHugh, as well as aesthetic architecture that serves practical purposes. The main thing to keep an eye out for is the mixture of practical training spaces, mixed in the luxury guest spaces. If this is anything like the Bulls Facility we can expect to see some high end flooring and unique surfaces in some of the more exclusive areas, as well as lots of windows and natural light all around. In December of 2015 Surface Shields took a look inside the final stages of the new Malcolm X College construction project. Although that 544,000 square foot project was headed by a different construction company and architecture firm (Clark Construction and Moody Nolan), it is likely we can expect similar surface protection practices to be used in the new Blackhawks center. On jobsites of this size, dust containment systems and carpet films are popular, but paper board surface protection is king.
A rendering of the Blackhawks center facilities.

Completion of Blackhawks Community Training Center is scheduled for late 2017 (Image credit: The completion of the center will likely be followed with another project to expand The United Center.


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