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Create instant access to tarps or plastic enclosures. These zippers have an aggressive adhesive backing to ensure that your area is completely contained.

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Create instant access to plastic enclosures and tarps with Zip n Close self adhesive zippers. These user friendly zippers can be applied in just minutes forming a secure zipper door. Simply peel off the backing paper and apply to the desired entry location. Then cut through the entire length of the zipper opening using a utility knife. It's that easy!

Additional Information

Available Colors Blue , Red
Recyclable No
Reusable No
Material Type Polyester
Breathable No
Adhesive Yes
Liquid Resistant No
Flame Retardant No


Thickness n.a.

Adhesion Level n.a.

Density n.a.

Tensile Strength n.a.

Temp Resistance n.a.

Elongation n.a

Critical Temperature n.a.

Cloth Material Polyester - 300D

Teeth Material Polyester

Teeth Size 0.74 mm dia.

Head Material Zinc Alloy

Adhesive Styrene Butadiene, Styrene Isoprene

Release Paper n.a.


What is the best use for a Zip N Close Zipper?
To create an instant doorway to a dust containment system. The high adhesion level ensures that dust will not escape.

How long does it take to set up a door in a poly wall?
A Zip N Close system can make a door in about 30 sec to 2 min depending on experience and if you are making a single or double zipper door.

Locate top of zipper. Peel the backing paper strip back a few inches. Firmly attach this portion of the zipper to the desired poly sheeting or other non-porous surface. Once securely attached, completely remove the backing paper while running your hand down the length of the zipper, pressing the zipper strip against the surface. Fully open (unzip) your Zip N Close zipper. Using a utility knife, cut completely through the length of the zipper opening, including the application surface. Do not cut the zipper.

Handling & Storage
Ensure good ventilation and exhaustion at the workplace. Keep respiratory protective devices available. Store in a cool location away from fire and heat. No special handling requirements.

SDS sheets for Surface Shields products available by request.


0 Reviews

0% Of Reviewers Recommend This Product Review This Product

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