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Dust Containment

Dust contain and conquer.
As the number of projects among construction, drywall and abatement industries continue to grow, so does the demand for tough dust containment products. Popular items include Dust Shield Pro™ poles, shoe covers, Duct Cover Shield and customizable sticky mats. These products and more bookend a Surface Shields® category that proudly remains the professionals’ choice for dust containment.

Among construction, abatement, demolition and disaster cleanup professionals, Surface Shields is the preferred source for dust containment products. As projects grow, you must stay prepared, and you also have to keep certain workspace areas dust-free.

Surface Shields offers a large selection of dust containment solutions, including dust containment poles, zippers, clean mats and many other construction dust control products. You can purchase our construction dust control products through your local distributor—just submit a request and we’ll find the location that’s most convenient for you.




Prevent dust and dirt from spreading while building or remodeling. Clean mats have all the benefits of the Step N Peel Clean mats without the reusable board.

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