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Plasti Shield® PRO FR


Nearly 4X Tougher than standard Plasti-Shield FR*, making it one of the strongest floor and wall protection materials in the Surface Shields line of products. Tested and certified to meet NFPA-701 standard.


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Plasti Shield® PRO

Plasti Shield® PRO

40% Tougher than standard Plasti-Shield*, this Ultra-Heavy-Duty floor and wall protection provides additional protection from high impact drops, jobsite vehicles and heavy machinery.
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Ultra Heavy-Duty floor and wall protection. At nearly 4X the strength of standard Plasti-Shield FR*, Plastid-Shield Pro is designed to stand up to heavy machinery and high impact drops, providing dependable protection of jobsite surfaces. It can be scored or cut to protect corners, doors, counters and more. Tested and certified to meet NFPA-701 standard. *Based on independent puncture-resistance lab testing compared to standard Plasti Shield FR. Always test before use. Contact Surface Shields for details.
Available Colors Blue
Recyclable Yes
Reusable Yes
Material Type Plastic
Breathable No
Adhesive No
Liquid Resistant Yes
Flame Retardant Yes


Thickness 4 mm

Material Polypropylene

Density (grams/sq. meter) 1200

Tensile Strength 165 lbf

Impact Dart Strength 320 inches / lb.

Temperature (Ideal) 70° F

Humidity (Ideal) 50%

Trade Name Plasti-Shield PRO FR

Material Use Surface Protection


How do I install Plasti Shield Fire Resistant?
Place sheet on desired surface. Cut to length with utility knife. Seam multiple pieces together with Seam Tape FR. Do not adhere tape directly to floors. A clean removal tape must be used to anchor Plasti Shield Pro to floors and walls.

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