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Kraft Shield

Construction Grade Kraft Paper

This kraft paper is the preferred alternative to “Red Rosin” paper. Protect many types of hard surfaces, cabinets and counter tops from foot traffic, paint and spills.


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This construction grade kraft paper is an excellent resource for professional contractors. It is the preferred alternative to “Red Rosin” paper. Contractors rely on kraft paper to protect flooring, cabinets and counter tops from foot traffic, paint and spills without the fear of staining. Kraft Shield is 100% organic and is biodegradable making it an easy choice for environmentally conscious individuals.
Available Colors Natural
Recyclable Yes
Reusable Yes
Material Type Paper
Breathable No
Adhesive No
Liquid Resistant No
Flame Retardant No


Thickness: n.a.

Material: Paper

Tensile Strength: n.a.

Temperature (Ideal): 70° F

Humidity (Ideal): 50%

Elongation (%): n.a.

Chemical Name: Paper

Chemical Formula: Proprietary

Trade Name: Kraft Shield

Material Use: Surface Protection

Environmental: Bio-degradable

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Place on desired surface and unroll. Cut to length with utility knife. Seam multiple pieces together with tape for larger areas. Do not adhere tape directly to floors. When finished, roll up Kraft Shield and discard.

If Kraft Shield gets wet is there any dye runoff or staining like with red rosin?
No, Kraft Shield does not stain if it gets wet. We do recommend that if the Kraft Shied gets wet that it is replaced to help keep the site integrity.

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