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Surface Shields introduces Tru Density™, the spec that other brands don’t advertise.
Posted on April 8, 2016 | By: SurfaceShields

The Building and Remodeling industries are utilizing paperboard products more than ever this year. And, with most products that spike in demand, more and more players look to develop “like” products at a lesser cost to get their name in the game. My advice is simple – Buyer Beware! There’s a reason that Surface Shields lives and breathes the tagline “Tougher Than The Jobsite.” It’s because there’s a universal understanding throughout the organization that if they develop the toughest and highest performing products; contractors and other industry professionals will benefit greatly and return to the Surface Shields brand name for future projects.


For years Surface Shields has developed Builder Board with the toughest specifications on the market. Other brands promote similar messaging and state that their paperboard is heavy-duty. This is due to the standard 45 pt. thickness that most boards possess, however, durability and impact resistance have to do with more than simply thickness. Builder Board is engineered with longer fibers and a higher density rating of 3.3 kg/m3. This trait increases the longevity of the board, ensuring that it lasts throughout the duration of large commercial projects without falling apart.

Imagine needing to replace 10,000 sq. ft. of floor protection board in the middle of a commercial project. All product savings are diminished at this point. Why purchase a tough board? So this doesn’t happen. It is for this reason that Surface Shields has released their branded Tru DensityTM rating. Tru DensityTM was developed to promote awareness of this incredibly important specification. Builder Board’s 3.3 rating is ideal for residential and commercial projects lasting for an extensive period of time. Any rating at 2.8 – 3.0 is considered low density and will more than likely need to be replaced after a few weeks under normal work conditions.

So, while all other brands are keeping this specification “under wraps,” Surface Shields has released a marketing campaign, showing transparency and encouraging everyone to ask for the Tru DensityTM rating. Paperboard floor protection is gaining a significant amount of traction in the industry. And, with more and more brands popping up, that one simple question could end up saving industry professionals thousands in costs.


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