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Fire Safety: Major Markets That Need Flame Retardant Products

Posted on December 7, 2018 | By: SurfaceShields

door jamb protectorsThere are plenty of jobs that need mild temporary protection solutions like door jamb protectors and window film, but there are a select few that need their materials to be fire retardant. Workers in these industries need to be as protected as possible in case the wrong circumstances occur and they need protection from fire. Know these industries that can most use flame retardant products like the Builder Board FR, Cover Shield FR, or Carpet Shield FR, and be prepared for anything.


Many are aware of respiratory dangers that construction workers face, as a 2017 study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that 51.8% of construction workers were diagnosed with moderate pulmonary restriction, but workers need to take fire safety precautions as well. By using fire retardant materials to cover floors and windows while doing construction work, you're adding a necessary layer of protection. Tools and equipment could short circuit at any point and if the site is made of flammable materials, fire resistant materials could be just the protection you need to stay safe.


For any workers in the electrical industry, including utility line workers and electricians, fire safety should be at the forefront of their minds. These workers often work alone, making taking the necessary precautions even more important as they have no backup. By using products like Plastic Shield FR and Carpet Shield FR, electricians that work in homes or buildings can protect flammable materials in case the wrong wires spark. These small steps are just as necessary as using electrical tape or wearing the proper eye protection, as they make the difference between a successful job and a disastrous one.


Those who work in any manufacturing position are constantly around dangerous equipment, much of which is prone to fire. In these conditions, workers need more materials than door jamb protectors to keep the work environment safe. When you have fire retardant products always in place around the area in which you are working, you're providing consistent protection in case of fire. This protection is not only essential for the workers' safety, but for the integrity of the workplace as well.

In dangerous lines of work, it's important to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Having these protective products in place is an option that is much preferable to an out of control fire.

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