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Why Is Dust Containment So Important During A Project?

Posted on February 2, 2019 | By: SurfaceShields

There's a reason why you wear a mask during a renovation, remodel, or construction project. These types of projects can create a lot of dust. And that dust can cause a lot of problems when it isn't contained properly.

Before you start on a project, it's crucial to have a strategy for how to contain the dust on your site. When you take precautionary measures, you not only reduce the risk of health issues in your workers but also lessen the cleanup you'll need to do later.

Why is dust containment so important?

Without dust containment, your finished project can end up looking like part of a post-apocalyptic museum exhibit. But more than that, the dust particles from a construction or renovation project can cause serious health problems.

The number one cause of occupation-associated illness inthe U.S. are occupational lung diseases. In fact, contaminants and air pollutants like dust that are pulled into a client's HVAC system and re-circulated can even harm the client's health.

How can I keep a cleaner job site?

The good news is that dust containment isn't difficult if you know how to prep your job site properly. You'll need to place plastic sheeting on the floors and ceilings to contain dust that's created during your project. These sheets are easy to take down after the project is finished, too, making clean-up a breeze. An on-site portable fume extractor works great at capturing the dust in the air for a cleaner, healthier work envioronment.

It's also recommended to work in open areas when you can. When you saw wood and stone outdoors, you keep the dust from building up in a concentrated area.

Finally, be sure that you're sealing your ducts. Air ducts are an essential part of a home's HVAC system. When you don't seal them off, they can collect all the air pollutants you're trying to keep out of the air and circulate them through the house.

Looking for construction dust control for your next big project?

Respirable crystalline silica are tiny particles that are 100 times smaller than your average sand. These particles are created when cutting, sawing, and crushing materials like stone, rock, concrete, and brick. That said, not only do you need floor protection for your renovation projects but you also need serious dust control.

Surface Shields has the temporary floor protection and dust control you need for your projects. To learn more about our surface protection shields and construction dust control, contact Surface Shields today.
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